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Story continues The other big mistake is maybe trying to go too fast in building a winner here. I think we made the same mistake every new owner makes in that regard. We were worried that in non-traditional hockey markets that it would be a lot harder coming out of the lockout to bring back the fans than it was in traditional hockey markets.

View photos Boston Bruins: I found it rather curious the other day that Puck Daddy had something about the Bruins " slowly losing their grip on the Eastern Conference. And don't worry Bruins fans. Through Saturday they were still in their last In these troubling economic times, it's good to know that, no matter how badly the Sabres do, there's job security for Lindy Ruff and Darcy Regier. The only allowance for wiggle room is Regier or Ruff doing something completely out of character, such as getting thrown in jail.

Buffalo fans are now actively hoping one of them drunk drives through an elementary school playground at noon on a Monday. Olli Jokinen is obviously getting a lot of press since the trade, and understandably so. But how about giving some to Jarome Iginla?

Over the last 13 games, he's scored No one in the Western Conference has more points in the last month. That loss to Toronto on Saturday goes unaddressed in this space only for the safety of myself and those around me. Hoo-boy, did I get a dressing down last week from Canes Country I think they thought I was Wyshynski, though for having the gall to criticize Eric Staal notes in this space last week.

From now on, then, I will only lavish praise upon the Hurricanes so as not to offend those sensitive to having their favorite team questioned in any way.

This week's Life-Affirming Hurricane Thought: I am a graduate of the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, and, since I have no better place to put this, my beloved hockey River Hawks are headed to the Hockey East semifinals for the first time in seven years after sweeping No. Just figured I'd gloat about it since the 'Hawks are the reason I became a hockey fan in the first place. How's this tie in with Chicago? Chris Auger, a Blackhawks sixth-round pick in who had missed half the year with an injury he sustained at Chicago's rookie camp, scored Lowell's first goal.

So there you have it. Sure, Tavares would look nice in an Avalanche uniform. But having 15 or so competent players in an Avalanche uniform is also nice. I don't see why it can't be both. Continue trying to tank it, guys, because I don't see a very strong base with the Avs upon which to build. Their top two scorers this year, Ryan Smyth notes and Milan Hejduk notesaren't getting any younger; and, at combined points, aren't even doing that much scoring.

What We Learned: Calgary's doomed (and it's all Jokinen's fault)

The next-closest is year-old Wojtek Wolski noteswho has 14 goals and 24 assists. Production like that won't get you into the playoffs, especially with Colorado's goaltending situation being what it is i.

Would you like to hear an unbelievably bad hip-hop song inspired by the Blue Jackets? Of course you would. Credit to whoever sings this, by the way, for rhyming "forecheck," "Raffi Torres," and "Jason Voorhees. I think I found the oddest thing in the hockey blogosphere: I think this guy is some sort of internet genius.

Great, great article in the Detroit News by Jerry Green about the importance of fighting to the sport. All this talk about eliminating it is stupid. Jason Gregor at OilersNation believes that Craig MacTavish has to continue to play Dustin Penner notes despite the obvious dislike for him because he's the team's best option on the first line. And if you have to say that about your favorite team, that's a sad state of affairs. The Panthers may have slipped from fifth to ninth in the East over the course of the week, but the good news is they're getting some soldiers back for the stretch run.

Still no Nathan Horton notes though. I felt genuinely bad for Erik Ersberg notes Saturday night. This poor kid makes 38 saves and holds the San Jose Sharks! Even worse, the Kings had a 2-on-0 shorthanded rush in the third and somehow failed to even put a shot on net. Not a good year to be Mark Parrishwhom the Wild bought out prior to the season. Dallas signed Parrish for the rest of this season in early November. In his Stars debut on Nov.

But by the time Parrish signed, the team already was set. He became a fill-in. He has had four goals since, with totals of over 40 games. He currently is out of the lineup with a head injury. Maybe a good call by the Wild, then? Oh, in actual Wild news, Marian Gaborik notes has skated with the team for three days straight. Gotta be a new record. It was also the 1,th career game for Patrice Brisebois. The problem for GM Darcy Regier was that he needed Campbell a pending unrestricted free agent, at a certain number.

Bernier would play 17 games in Buffalo. Campbell made an emphatic free-agent case with the Sharks: He hit the market as, arguably, its greatest prize, and the derby was soon down to four teams: The Blackhawks wanted him something wicked. They needed another puck-moving defenseman, and they wanted to make a huge summer splash with Campbell and Marian Hossa both added to a burgeoning contender.

Hossa would, of course, come later. Which was nuts, of course, but desperate times call for insane signings.

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It ate up So the Hawks won the Campbell derby and then, two years later, won the Stanley Cup. He played 68 games in due to injury, but was a beast that season: But bythe Campbell contract was seen as a boondoggle. His production dropped from year-to-year. And it was hard to look at his percentage of the cap while also looking at the stream of Cup-winning talent that had to leave because the Blackhawks were capped out.

Chicago decided to explore options to move him, which was difficult on two fronts: For the second time in his career, it appeared Campbell might have to leave a place he enjoyed playing because of the salary cap: Only instead of the Vanek Panic in Buffalo, it was a team that was suddenly a victim of its own success and managerial overcompensation of some players.