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frecuencia absoluta acumulada yahoo dating

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If you choose not to act, the children will grow up and be partof an even greater number of people with weight problems and obesity. By then,maybe the number will be three quarters or more. I dare not think how manychildren will be affected. By the 's, pictures of the Mandelbrot Set became very popular, this led to many articles in home craft magazines covering fractal crafts. It was usually cross stitch or quilting technics which were used as a display for fractal imaging.

The fractals were then generated through the computer, then transferred to the textile medium.

But I glad they finally building something. What are the features, and their impact, of PayPal new retail card reader and payment system? It most certainly has been in the pipeline long before the announcement and I do not see this as a "response" to PayPal's announcement. I am certain that after PayPal Here is actually in the hands of merchants, Square will assess the impact and the changes in the market and adjust accordingly. An armed staff member feet away from the genesis of an attack would likely save many lives.

frecuencia absoluta acumulada yahoo dating

Then, teachers could do more than just try to hide the kids in a closet. Can you imagine how helpless those teachers felt? And not a damned thing they could do except risk their own lives trying to save their students.

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frecuencia absoluta acumulada yahoo dating

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frecuencia absoluta acumulada yahoo dating

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frecuencia absoluta acumulada yahoo dating

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Since each day was named by the god that started it, this is also the order of the days of the week in the Roman calendar after the Nundinal cycle was rejected - and still preserved in many modern languages.

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It's best to forego these styles and buy Coach handbags that were from a previous season. It is a clean matrix. For development and growth of the Gross Domestic Product, the ingredient, energy, is extremely important. What actions has the Government taken to make changes in the mining-energy development? In the s, regulations were modernized and allowed investing in these sectors in Peru. Throughout these years, macroeconomic stability has led investors to see Peru as a country of destination.

Commercial opening has influenced too. We moved to an open economy and we have entered into free trade agreements with many countries, we are currently negotiating with India. And when we are open to the world, it is easier to exchange investments and products. And this involves mining, hydrocarbons and electricity. There are many transnational companies that have invested millions of dollars because of the conditions offered by the country. Evolution has been extremely positive over the past 15 years, not only of the three sectors but also of economy and investment in general.

At regulatory level, what regulation has been the most important in the sector? In the case of mining, the General Mining Law of changed everything, I think it was essential. And this is in the three sectors. In the case of employment, it has tripled and has changed the possibility of decentralized development of the country. The generation of canon and royalties has been significant.

Development of mining has allowed coordinating many other related economic activities, which has boosted the economy in a decentralized manner, which I think, is a favorable characteristic for the country generated by the three sectors.

In the case of mining, the dynamics generated for inputs needed from the locality is very much clearer. In addition, Peru entered the world ranking as ore producer We are the third producer of Copper and Silver. We are the fifth producer of Gold and the third producer of Zinc. In general, we have a very interesting place worldwide in relation to minerals we produce.

All investments and explorations have allowed identifying the percentage of reserves of each mineral of the world. We cannot be the country of lost opportunities.

We have a great potential and we must take advantage of it by generating development. We have not only positioned our ore production, but also our professionals.

In mining, we have aroundskilled workers of mining tradition. And the services of many mining workers are required by other countries. With respect to the social issue, how has this sector been managed?

When a company arrives at a place to settle, it usually builds a relationship with the locals. Many times there are no inhabitants in the area such as Cerro de Pasco and La Oroya, which are cities created as a result of the presence of mining operations. Good cooperation relationships are usually built. But political free riders also appear and try to get some return from generation of conflicts in these localities and this has led to undesirable situations in some operations of the country.

This is heard in the news, but many other examples as teamwork between the people and the company are not disseminated. And based on experience, when the State involvement is more successful — whether local, provincial or regional government — a better relationship with the communities is built.

Which are the pending issues? However, the Government is fighting against illegal mining, but the results are not convincing. We think it must continue fighting against these illegal activities and try to enable formalization. These two aspects need to be combined. There are zones where illegal extraction could never be formalized and it must be eradicated because these are not zones where mining can be developed.

However, some regional presidents appointed are involved in illegal mining… There is a lot of concern when there are authorities linked to or involved in this type of activities and not only in ore illegal extraction but also in illegal felling of trees, When we talk about these illegal activities, we not only talk about a crime but a set of crimes, including corruption and there is a lot of money at stake. In the case of ore illegal extraction, it is not only a Peruvian issue but it has spread beyond our borders.

Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador have this serious problem too. Not only Peru has to fight against illegal mining but also these countries as a whole. Efforts have been made with Colombia to work together. It is a serious and complex problem. The resources generated for supervision must cover the supervision cost. The so-called regulatory contribution is affecting the sales of mining companies because it is a percentage on sales not related to the supervision made by OEFA on companies to be supervised in the cost generated.

We have more than 61 billion dollars in potential investments, but the situation is very important, particularly in a price decrease trend. The legal regulations must be clear, foresee these are long-term investments and must be kept at such term.

We have to look after social peace and must be very careful with changes in policy framework. In spite of the efforts made to generate stability and facilitate procedural matters, we have to be efficient as a country in procedural matters and granting of permits in general for all industries and in particular for ours.

What is the balance for the sector this year? It is a little mixed. Production of some minerals has grown. And I think that Copper is our main export product; it does not have projects with problems. Toromocho is adjusting its facilities, its plant and should be in normal condition by next year. And Las Bambas is being built. Its operation has been delayed by There are no new large Gold discoveries.

We must increase Silver production slightly. The electricity sector should grow between 5. O ver the past 15 years, the hydrocarbons s e c t o r h a s progressed significantly. Without doubt, the Camisea Project boosted by a fast track and supported decisively by the Administration of that time, has represented a milestone in Peruvian history.

Thanks to Camisea, today the production of natural gas reaches 1, million cubic feet per day, and this has been the driving force of economic growth in the last decade. In addition, it has benefited us with the decrease of electricity rates and a lower dependence of the country on other fuels. But this Project would not be completed if Fifteen Years of Hydrocarbons: Beatriz Merino President of the Peruvian Hydrocarbons Society we do not have a pipeline to transport such gas towards other provinces.

Another important fact is the approval of the Talara Refinery Modernization that will allow that the heavy crude produced in the Peruvian Jungle is refined in our country without being exported to transform it into fuels. This Project will also rise the refining capacity to 95, barrels per day, which will reduce current diesel imports from other countries.

This calculation does not include the relevant impacts on income generation, job creation and taxes. In spite of such progress, we still have a long pending agenda in that sector as stated by the Peruvian Hydrocarbons Society in its Hydrocarbons White Book.

At this precise moment, the Government lacks a clear policy that boosts the industry to revert the fall of crude production in the country. Peru needs, like the case of Camisea, that the Government supports decisively the exploration and exploitation of several hydrocarbon basins still under-explored.

In this way, the sector would be more autonomous, the officials would be more specialized and the companies and government would be more linked and engaged in dialogue. Finally, the improvement of the regulations that govern the sector is urgent.

Without clear regulations that boost exploration mainly, we cannot compete with the neighboring countries. While Peru drilled 14 wells inColombia drilled We all know that without a great exploration activity, production will never grow. For this reason it is essential that the Government issues promptly the new Environmental Regulations for Hydrocarbon Activities.

Such regulations must be in line with the Legal System for Environmental Impact Studies related to the principle of significance, i. Peruvians must understand that all developed countries understand the direct relationship between economic growth and energy production.

The task of the Peruvian Hydrocarbons Society is exactly to help the Government and society to understand such relationship and therefore, act on it. For this reason, the drop of metal price as a result of minor growth expectations in China, shocked strongly the mining companies, thus impacting on national economy. Nevertheless, Peru is one of the largest producers of minerals worldwide. In Latin America, it is the main producer of zinc, tin it is the only one with Minsurlead and gold; and it is ranked 2nd in silver, copper and mercury production.

On the other hand, the energy sector is the basis for economic growth. Although the energy demand is mostly met by the natural gas, there are still many challenges including: The activities developed by mining-energy companies are also regulated by the Ministry of the Environment, which through its line agencies: This is necessary to lighten the perception of supervising body and build bridges to adjust to environmental regulations beyond deregulation or demystification of the need to control the environmental impact.

The incentive for the development and execution of largescale investment projects in the mining-energy sector must go through a tax and legal stability guarantee that allows investors to project the return of their investment in stable conditions. The current large projects being operated started with legal and tax stability contracts that encouraged investments in large projects.

Moreover, an incentive should exist to generate clean or renewable energies that allow attracting investment in eolian, solar and geothermal energy projects. Investments in cutting-edge equipment are highly important per se. If we add incentives to ensure the investment return, we will close an important attraction for development of large projects. In general, the environmental regulatory conditions are numerous and tax significantly the formal activity.

The Government must promote the adequate exploitation of natural resources and eliminate the informal exploitation. The tax framework must also consider the need to review some tax regulations and take into account the impact on financial statements of the companies of the presentation according to the International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS. The tax regulations are in line with the supervising framework that generates contributions and are not necessarily in line with the IFRS presentation and disclosure requirements.

It is important to harmonize the tax regulations. This process will take time, but it is necessary to lighten the load of preparation of information for tax purposes. Harmonizing the environmental regulatory framework, the requirements for tax compliance and the presentation of financial data according to IFRS is not an easy task.

Efforts should focus on eliminating obstacles for investment increase, but it is also necessary to align requirements to avoid complicated conciliations or generation of reprocessed data for specific tax purposes. Today the company has grown a lot. In the early s, together with Buenaventura, we made Newmont becomes interested in investing in Yanacocha and we are its gold mining partners so far.

We also accompanied Anglo American in Quellaveco privatization in ; a project we left in because there were companies interested in filling in our position and we left Anglo American with a good partner. The company was acquired by First Quantum in and we also sold our shares in the public bid. Today we continue to look for opportunities and we are always talking with several companies. We expect to continue to support the development of the mining industry in Peru for many decades more.

What is the expertise provided to your clients? Besides financing, our contribution is to provide advice on sustainability. The IFC is the world reference for the financial sector in environmental and social sustainability policies of all types of projects. The main international financial entities have adhered to the Equator Principles, whereby they commit to finance projects that comply with IFC standards.

What have been the new financial products for the sector? We have always been flexible We are holding more or less concrete, but not necessarily immediate talks with some 10 companies. Como miembro, te ayudaremos a mejorar tu seguridad y productividad en el trabajo. Invitaciones a eventos personalizados. Accede a beneficios exclusivos: We have the flexibility to structure what is suitable for the client and interesting to us too.

Over the past years, what has been the interest of the mining sector to have access to IFC financing? Huge mining investment projects such as Toromocho and Las Bambas and expansions such as Antamina and Cerro Verde have been financed without further difficulties. Local companies relatively large are being financed through international capital markets. Minsur, Volcan and Hochschild have issued bonds last year that have been placed in the international market.

Within this context, the space to participate in projects has been reduced for IFC, since we do not want to take the place of the commercial banking or the rest of the financial market. Our mandate is to participate in projects that need our support to carry them out.

What requirements must a project have to be interesting to IFC? Besides being profitable and safe projects, they must offer a good risk-return balance. We look for clients committed to environmental and social sustainability, and to operate under international safety standards. Companies that really understand the importance of coexistence with communities, society and the environment and that contribute to our strategic goals of eradicating extreme poverty and improving income distribution; in other words, allowing people to be part of prosperity.

In this regard, we try to participate in large, transformational leading projects. Haquira and the other projects we have supported at the exploration stage had the potential to become worldclass mines. We are not a financial entity that grants current loans to small investments or low amounts. We try to grant significant financing that helps to carry out significant projects.

How competitive is IFC financing in the international market? We are one of the few issuers with an international AAA rating, which allows us to have access to a very competitive funding and in turn, to be competitive compared to any other international entity.

Nevertheless, we always try to grant loans in terms of market, we do not overcharge or subsidize financing. We stand out for our ability to grant long terms, which many times are very attractive for mining projects because they are long maturity investments. Many times financing of commercial banking does not adjust to the terms the projects need and we can grant longer terms than those offered by the commercial and international banking.

At present, are you evaluating new financing? We are always paying attention to new financing possibilities. We hope we could announce a new investment in Peru soon. We are currently holding more or less concrete but not necessarily immediate talks with some 10 companies.

We hope to add at least one name per year to our mining client portfolio in Peru. How has IFC grown in mining in the region? We continue to grow. Before we invested in mining only in Peru and Chile and to a lesser extent in Bolivia and Venezuela, but in recent years, we have expanded. Peru is the country in which more investments we have made and we are sure it will continue to be the most important country in the region for the IFC Mining Department.

The report prepared by EY states that in the first semester ofthe level of mergers and acquisitions has been the lowest in the last seven years, both in the volume and number of transactions. On the other hand, over the past three years, it became more difficult to reach an agreement between buyers and sellers regarding the valuation of transactions of acquisitions and mergers due to ore price volatility.

In this regard, at present the value of shares of mining companies is not correlated with ore prices and consequently, the negotiation process of these transactions turns longer and more complex. Due to this cycle of fluctuating prices in the mining industry, the cost optimization and search for operating efficiency in the sector has started.

Therefore, the mid-term task is to search for and manage efficiently the chain of value of mining companies, which implies more discipline in capital expenditure and efficiency in the process of searching for sustainable development. Companies going in that direction could take advantage of the purchasing opportunities because they will be able to strengthen their financial situation and have access to the capital, thus making the merger activity dynamic again.

Knowledge and quality services delivered contribute to building trust in the capital markets and economies the world over. It develops exceptional leaders who work in teams to meet their commitments before stakeholders. Therefore, EY plays a fundamental role in building a better world for its people, its clients and its communities.

Therewecouldverify that the effort to preserve life of our workmates and collaborators is a task worldwide. The four thousand participants fromcountriesdidconfirm. In different parts of the world, any figure of occupational accidents is unacceptable.

We understand it in Peruvian modern mining as well, where we are making efforts to provide a safe workplace and shape a preventive safety culture. Today, the application of management systems, the design of specific regulations, the strong supervision and the search for good practices are everyday occurrence in Peruvian mining.

Of course, it is a process that is not linear and tends to be encouraging: In statistical terms, the decrease of fatal accidents per each 10, workers is interesting. Inwhen the mining labor population was 50, workers, mortality was After 18 years, the quantity of workers has increased fourfold and mortality was the tenth part thereof. Even more, there were months when no fatal accident was recorded, such as August and September and October of this year.

Within this context, the vision is zero fatal accidents. The complexity of this process lies on the human factor. How can we manufacture safe work equipment? The answers to these questions are key to prepare a program that, for example, focuses on workers that tend to suffer fatal accidents in mining operations: One of the essential tools to attend the human factor is training and induction for collaborators.

The emphasis put on these aspects on Mining Occupational Health and Safety Regulations enacted in is accompanied by improvement of mining safety culture in the last years. We train almostworkers annually and exceed one million man-hours of training at different mining units of the country and in cities where we are based: Arequipa, Cajamarca and Lima.

The training and induction plans, of course, must comply with the basic matrix of safety and occupational health training. They must also adjust to corporate reality, applying andragogy and gamification techni Workers 50,,,,,,,,,,4 IF The future is challenging. Together with continuous improvement of corporate policies, management systems, occupational health and safety programs, work procedures and engineering conditions, the face-to-face contact of top management with collaborators must be strengthened.

Feeling and knowing their interests and concerns will enable creating an environment of trust to continue building a preventive safety culture.

The initiative has been welcomed by the main mining companies of the country, which experts have met to design the route to follow. The joint work with the government authorities, workers and civil society, such as universities and media will allow reaching such occupational safety goal in accordance with mining tradition in Peru.

If some aspects have changed in legal mining issues, we think they are related to internationalization: Lawyers in Peru have to interact with our foreign peers, understand their vision of the sector, their contracts and their regulatory approach. Many times we have acted in due diligence made and analyzed by foreign investors. In the same manner, an important group of lawyers has participated in international courses and congresses, sharing experiences and receiving the perspective from our colleagues and professors from other jurisdictions.

This has allowed specialist lawyers to excel and be better qualified. Our legislation on concessions and land survey is one of the best at international level; this is a pillar for an impressive development of the mining industry.