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Emilio Famy Aguinaldo Sr. was born on March 22, in Cavite el Viejo The date we use in our textbooks and official commemorations was. General Emilio Aguinaldo, officially the Municipality of General Emilio Aguinaldo is a 5th class municipality in the province of Cavite, Philippines. According to. dates. February 6 · March Emilio Aguinaldo, (born March 22/23, , near Cavite, Luzon, Philippines—died February 6, , Quezon City), Filipino leader .

From MarchFernando Primo de Rivera, 1st Marquis of Estellathe Spanish Governor-General of the Philippineshad been encouraging prominent Filipinos to contact Aguinaldo for a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

In succeeding months, Paterno conducted shuttle diplomacyacting as an intermediary between de Rivera and Aguinaldo.

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On December 23, Aguinaldo and other revolutionary officials departed for Hong Kong to enter voluntary exile. While in exile, Aguinaldo reorganized his revolutionary government into the so-called "Hong Kong Junta" and enlarging it into the "Supreme Council of the Nation".

On April 25, the Spanish—American War began. Dictatorial Government of the Philippines and Revolutionary Government of the Philippines Aguinaldo had brought with him the draft constitution of Mariano Ponce for the establishment of federal revolutionary republic upon his return to Manila, however, on May 24, in Cavite, Aguinaldo issued a proclamation, upon the advice of his war counselor Ambrosio Rianzares Bautistain which he assumed command of all Philippine forces and established a dictatorial government with himself as titular dictator on which power vested upon him to administer decrees promulgated under his sole responsibility.

The dictatorial government was provisionary in character until peace have been established and unrestrained liberty was attained. Battle of Alapan On May 28,Aguinaldo gathered a force of about 18, troops and fought against a small garrison of Spanish troops in AlapanImus, Cavite.

The battle lasted for five hours, from Flag Day is celebrated every May 28 in honor of this battle. On June 12, Aguinaldo promulgated the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain his own mansion house in Cavite El Viejo, believing that declaration would inspire the Filipino people to eagerly against the Spaniards.

On June 18, he issued a decree formally establishing his dictatorial government on which he also provided the organization of the local government and the establishment and composition of the Revolutionary Congress. The decree defined the organization of the central government and the establishment and election of delegates to the Revolutionary Congress and to prepare the shift from a revolutionary government to a Republic [38] [39] Final Plan to Defeat the Spaniards and The Arrival of Americans[ edit ] Main article: In late JuneAguinaldo with the help of American allies who are now landing in Cavite were now preparing to drive the Spaniards out of Manila.

On 16 June, warships departed Spain to lift the siege, but they altered course for Cuba where a Spanish fleet was imperiled by the U. Though a bloodless mock battle had been planned, Spanish troops had opened fire in a skirmish which left six Americans and forty-nine Spaniards dead when Filipino revolutionaries, thinking that the attack was genuine, joined advancing U.

They were generally free to move around, but remained within the control of Aguinaldo. This incident was considered to be the beginning of the Philippine—American Warand culminated in the Battle of Manila between American and Filipino forces. Superior American technology drove Filipino troops away from the city, and Aguinaldo's government had to move from one place to another as the military situation escalated. The Americans gained superiority in the battle only after severe fighting and the use of gunboats in the river that "made great execution" of Filipino soldiers.

Aguinaldo, who had been president of the provisional government, was elected president. On the night of February 4 the inevitable conflict between the Americans and Filipinos surrounding Manila was precipitated. By the morning of February 5 the Filipinos, who had fought bravely, had been defeated at all points. While the fighting was in progress, Aguinaldo issued a proclamation of war against the United States, which immediately sent reinforcements to the Philippines.

The Filipino government fled northward. In November the Filipinos resorted to guerrilla warfare.

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Library of Congress, Washington, D. After three years of costly fighting the insurrection was finally brought to an end when, in a daring operation on March 23,led by Gen. Frederick Funston, Aguinaldo was captured in his secret headquarters at Palanan in northern Luzon.

Aguinaldo took an oath of allegiance to the United States, was granted a pension from the U. In the commonwealth government of the Philippines was established in preparation for independence. Aguinaldo ran for president, but he was decisively beaten. He returned to private life until the Japanese invaded the Philippines in December The Japanese used Aguinaldo as an anti-American tool. He made speeches and signed articles.