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And see, I am with you all of the days until the end of the age. Go quickly and tell His disciples talmidin, talmidim that He has risen from the dead; and He is going ahead of you into the Galil Galileeand there you will see Him. The magazine became a kind of college of Jewish learning for the Israelites of those days. And behold, a great earthquake had occurred, for the angel of Adonai HaShem descended from heaven and came and rolled away the stone and sat upon it.

Come and see the place where the Master was lying. It first appeared as a supplement to the Hebrew calendarand was intended for young people only. On the 50th day, however, the firstfruits of the first crop of the wheat harvest was baked into two loaves of bread Shtei Ha-Lechem that was leavened by yeast that was a product of the fermentation of the firstfruits barley grain. The forty-nine days between Passover and Shavuot is the cord that links the two festivals together.

And you, go to all the nations. The Cord that links the festivals of Pesach and Shavuot together: Thus the great Hebrew stylist, Isaac Erter, published therein some of those papers which are now so greatly admired for their elegant composition and stinging wit see Erter, Isaac. His appearance was like the appearance of lightning, and his clothing was as white as snow.

Reggio contributing to it for many years. In it ceased to be a mere supplement, and became an independent magazine. Look, I have told you. I'm lucky to be able to buy things I like; collecting's a way of keeping my eyes peeled and cultivating something that interests me. He thinks art only began after the Second World War.

But I'm not scared of them. I just use them. And once in a while I destroy something. MM, do you remember that water-green Alvar Aalto glass vase? In esso si legge: Ricca di legni scolpiti, di stucchi preziosi e di ori scintillanti, la sala delle feste richiama il fasto della corte reale di Versaglia.

Contigua ad essa gira verso prua la fresca e spaziosa Veranda, aperta alla brezza e allo spettacolo del mare. Ampie gallerie solenni, col soffitto a travi dipinte e sopra ricci tesi alle pareti come nei palazzi del Quattrocento toscano, conducono alla Biblioteca arredata nel gusto del primo Settecento inglese, e alla Sala da Fumare, indovinato adattamento moderno di motivi fioriti ai tempi dei Tudor.

Il Bar, accanto, scintilla nella policroma gaiezza del suo rivestimento di ceramiche. Oltre duecentocinquanta commensali possono prendere posto intorno alle tavole della Sala da Pranzo. Intorno alla cupola gira una fascia riproducente il fregio famoso del Partenone.

Gli alloggi sono gioielli di buongusto e di comfort.

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In basso a destra la cena di gala Translation - English Versailles on the high seas Facing page, Descending, this staircase leads to the pool, a sumptuous reproduction of the magnificent baths at Pompeii.

Rich in wood carvings, precious stucco work and brilliant gilding, it reminds us of the pomp of the royal court at Versailles.

Forward of the social room is the airy, spacious viewing gallery, open to the sea air and with views of the ocean. Astern is the grill room with an enormous decorated fireplace, conceived as the kind of place where cultured people might have met and conversed during the Florentine renaissance; next door to the grill room is the writing room, decorated throughout in blue lacquer and chinoiserie.

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Wide, elegant galleries with painted timbered ceilings and scrolled wall panels like those of 15th. Then we come to the smoking room, a genial modern adaptation of Tudor themes. The bar next door sparkles with the colourful gaiety of its ceramic finishes. The dining room can accommodate more than people; its classic style is inspired by the noble grandeur of the best Greek originals; it is surmounted by a cupola with a reproduction of the famous Parthenon frieze.

The staterooms are the epitome of good taste and comfort. Many staterooms have their own private balconies, a new and most enjoyable innovation in ship design. The smaller suites and staterooms are equally elegant and luxurious, and all decorated with original paintings. The first class accommodation is complete with a children's playroom, a gym fitted with the most up-to-date equipment, promenades as long as city streets, and sun decks as generous as public squares. From an academic research paper on adolescents and public space General field: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.

Translation - English Although the relationship between public space and the educational process is easily understood from direct observation, developing discussion about it is a highly complex exercise. Since education is the process by which the subject is led "outside" the protected condition and is given a start in public life, it follows that public space and education are intimately connected. Public space is the place towards which the educational process should tend, and is the context in which the formation of the civitas is experienced and formed.

In this perspective the concept of public space is both the point of arrival and the starting place for the process of formation of the citizen and of civil society in general.

The depth of the bond between public space and educational processes, or to put it a better way, the educational quality of public space, becomes most evident in the transitional phase of the passage from childhood to pre-adolescence, and then to adolescence. The specific objective here is to understand the educational role played by public space in the psychological, social, and civil growth of the subject in transition, highlighting above all the ways in which the widespread crisis of public spaces weakens spatial identification and socialisation in the pre-adolescent and excludes difference and relationship with the Other, as well as depleting their educational function.

Lacunari panciuti, nicchie a conchiglia, mensole a fioroni, mensoloni, festoni e pendoni: Translation - English The structure of the ship is hidden as though it were something of which to be ashamed. Never must the passenger suspect he is on board a ship.

Wherever he looks he must be swathed in drooping coffered ceilings, seashell niches, giant ornamental wooden flowers, enormous corbels, endless festoons.

These are the surroundings in which he is expected to spend eight, ten, or twelve days, pretending to be in a royal palace the like of which is never seen nowadays, except perhaps at La Scala. Con il medesimo provvedimento, poi modificato con atto C. Translation - English Because Perugia is an important place, this is a good opportunity to look back over fifty years of Italian thinking about urban development as it applies to this particularly significant example: We must also consider how Perugia has been showing the symptoms caused by an enormous growth in use of the private car, which in Perugia is above the national average.

In response to these factors, two important, boldly conceived systems of urban people movement have been built in Perugia: That was the background against which the municipality deliberated, in observance of Law 71 of