Sticker selber machen online dating

15 Save-the-Date DIY-Vorlagen für eure Hochzeit

sticker selber machen online dating

Garantiert staufrei: TÜV SÜD bestätigt störungsfreies Drucken auf allen Laser- und Inkjetdruckern; Besonders schnell und sicher haftend, auch auf kühlen und. Generate your own CSGO Signature sticker! No Photoshop? No problem. LINE Creators Market lets you sell stickers, animated stickers, and themes you've created to LINE users worldwide.

You can also provide localized versions of your app name, description, and screenshots for other languages.

LINE Creators Market

For more information, see the App Store Connect Help. The name of your app should be in your primary language and is limited to no longer than 50 characters. We recommend it be up to 23 characters for optimal presentation on iOS devices. The ideal description is a concise, attention-grabbing paragraph followed by a short list of main features.

sticker selber machen online dating

You can also provide localized versions of your description. Note that sticker pack icons do not display on the Home screen. When showing conversations in iMessage, make sure the information and accounts you display are not real.

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These screenshots will be used across device sizes and localizations. For more information and specifications, see the App Store Connect Help.

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You can list your sticker pack in the Stickers category or another category that best describes your app. You can also list it in a second relevant category. Learn more about choosing a category.

sticker selber machen online dating

You can sell your app as a paid download or offer it for free. If you plan to offer it as a paid download, you need to set up your tax and banking information in App Store Connect. All apps have a content rating that displays on the product page and informs parental controls.

Note that your content rating may vary across regions. All apps must provide a link to a website that contains support and contact information. You can choose to include a link to a website that markets your app and provides product information.

sticker selber machen online dating

Provide the name of the person or entity that owns the exclusive rights to your app, preceded by the year the rights were obtained for example, " Acme Inc.

The version number of your app will display on the App Store for iMessage. Numbering should follow typical software versioning conventions for example, 1. Make sure the version number on the App Store for iMessage matches the version number in the app bundle to avoid upload errors for later updates. You do not need to provide these details for the App Store for iMessage. Using the iMessage Name iMessage should always be written in English, even when it appears within text of another language.

It can be used in your name and description.

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Carefully choose your keywords to ensure your app is easily discoverable in App Store search. Keywords are limited to characters total, with words separated by commas.

sticker selber machen online dating

The App Store for iMessage is available in territories around the world. By default, your app will be available in all territories. Applications open on the third Wednesday of every odd month and remain open for two weeks.

15 Save-the-Date DIY-Vorlagen

You can submit your Developer application on this page Get Access button. What can I submit as my portfolio? You can attach stickers you have developed as a. You may also submit any previous portfolios and designs such as skins, themes, illustrations, photos, and icons. Make sure that you attach files saved in image format e. What does the review process involve and how long does it take?

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We review portfolios using comprehensive sticker development criteria such as creativity and originality. The result will be sent to the email address you used to submit your application. It may take up to a month for us to notify you of the review result. Is it possible to be excluded from a review?