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dyabola online dating

Projekt Dyabola expands 'Archäologische Bibliographie'! links to the online editions of the respective journals, in addition to the links for the online resources . Concerning technical support please contact [email protected] .. Bryn Mawr Classical Review () Nr online resource research even further you have the possibility to combine results and to choose the date range of publication. Focus is on the history and archaeology of the region around the Mediterranean Sea from about BCE to CE. Publications date from to the present.

I frammenti Beazley dal Persephoneion di Locri Epizefiri. Le ceramiche attiche a figure nere e a figure rosse.

dyabola online dating

Italia, 3 Gli antichi alla corte dei Malatesta. Atti del convegno internazionale, Rimini, giugno Milano, Jouvence,ed. Gli Orisini e i Savelli nella Roma dei papi. Arte e mecenatismo di antichi casati dal feudo alle corti barocche europee. Cinisello Balsamo, Silvana,ed. Begleitband zur Sonderausstellung, 6. Oktober — From revolutionary to emperor. Exceptio utilis en el procedimiento formulario del derecho romano.

Madrid, Dykinson, Il calamo della memoria. Raccolta delle relazioni discusse nel VI Incontro internazionale di Trieste, Biblioteca statale, settembre Treasure, cult and ritual at Ashwell, Hertfordshire.

Catalogue of Georgian numismatics, 1. Money in classical and hellenistic periods. Coin issues and monetary circulation in Colchis and Iberia Georgia. Tbilisi, Meridian Publishers, Javakhishvili, I.: Catalogue of Georgian numismatics, 2. Christianity, Mithraism and Islam.

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Le porte di Posterula a Terracina. Terracina, Bookcart, 31 S. Un tout petit monde. Paris, Les belles lettres, Marrone, A.: Tolomeo e la Sicilia. Palermo, Palermo University Press, S. Die Ausgrabungen im Jahre und ihre Vor- und Begleituntersuchungen.

dyabola online dating

A Romano-British roadside settlement at Beanacre, Wiltshire. Salisbury, Wessex Archaeology, Matarese, I.: Le tombe a camera. Firenze, Istituto italiano di preistoria e protostoria,Origines. Berlin, de Gruyter,Klio. Neue Folge, 30 Minasyan, R.: Metalworking in ancient times and the middle ages. Guida archeologica della Calabria antica. Soveria Mannelli, Rubbettino, Mongiello, G.: Indagini sul nucleo antico di Bitonto. Bari, Edipuglia, Morandini, Flavia: Nancy, Presses universitaires de Nancy, Munus laetitiae.

Studi miscellanei offerti a Maria Letizia Lazzarini, 1. Studi miscellanei offerti a Maria Letizia Lazzarini, 2. My lots are in thy hands. Sortilege and its practitioners in late antiquity. Pietro Bembo and the intellectual pleasures of A Renaissance writer and art collector.

dyabola online dating

Itinerari archeologici lungo la via Salaria. Jerusalem in the visual Christianization of Rome. Oxford, Oxford University Press, Norba.

Supplementi, 22 Nowakowski, P.: Inscribing the saints in late antique Anatolia. Supplements, 34 Ogus, E.: Columnar sarcophagi from Aphrodisias.

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Turnhout, Brepols,ed. Research on the inheritance of early and medieval christianity, 73 Popoli, religioni e chiese lungo il corso del Nilo. Dal faraone cristiano al Leone di Giuda. Les mosquees Ibadites du Djebel Nafusa.

Monographs, 10 Protective shelters for archaeological sites. Proceedings of a Symposium, Herculaneum, Italy, September London, The British School at Rome,ed. Greek theatre between antquity and Independence.

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A history of reinvention from the third century B. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, R. Fremde Krieger am Rhein. Berlin, de Gruyter,Image and context, 18 Restauri a Pompei. Dalle case di Championnet alla domus dei Mosaici geometrici. Re-thinking, re-making, re-living Christian origins.

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Roma, Viella,ed. Los primeros obispos de Valencia. Water culture in Roman society. Leiden, Brill, Rogerson, B.: In search of ancient North Africa in six lives. London, Haus, Roma moderna e contemporanea. Rivista interdisciplinare di storia 25 Romans in the middle and lower Danube Valley, 1st century B. Case studies in archaeology, epigraphy and history.

International series, Ruhl, B.: Tra terra e cielo. Cupole e obelischi nella cultura mediterranea. Firenze, Pagliai, Santini, P.: De loco publico fruendo. Sulle tracce di un interdetto. Dieburg, Stadt Dieburg, Schumacher, L.: Kleine Schriften zur Alten Geschichte. Un efficace connubio per la divulgazione della cultura scientifica. Pisa, Edizioni ETS,ed. Lisboa, Universidade de Lisboa,ed. The descriptive records, or metadata, are connected in various ways, such as by connecting authors with their publications, and publications with their subject descriptors.

In this way, it functions similar to many integrated library systemsor citation indexing services. These publications generally cover topics about Classical Studiesi. The data entry for this collection began inand currently all publications from to February have been indexed.

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This includes about half a million titles of books and articles, one hundred thousand authors, and one million subject words describing these. It is also possible to browse the hierarchical tree of subject terms to find a particular term of interest. Finally, if a user knows the local unique identifier for a source, this can be entered directly.

dyabola online dating

Search results are automatically saved for future browsing. A record about an article would contain the title, publication date, and page numbers, as well as a link to the author, the journal, any reviews of the work, and a list of subject headings.

From a particular journal issue, it is possible to navigate to each of the individual articles and vice versa.

dyabola online dating

The system lacks a number of important pieces of information that would allow the user to make a relevancy judgment on the source. For example, aside from the title and a few subject headings, no information is provided about the actual content of the source.