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from ^ "'Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration Vol. Archived ^ "Viz's Shonen Jump to Publish Yu-Gi-Oh!, Rurouni Kenshin Manga "Episode list" on May 23, Cartoon Network Latin America. 1st BD/DVD Volume Titled, Dated" from the original on December 17, She is protective and fiercely loyal to Yuma, as shown in episode 5 when she " Victoria" which means "victory" in Latin, also linking her to another of Yuma's .. When Flip and Caswell spread the rumor that Yuma and Rio are dating, Tori .. Challenge: Part III"; ↑ Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL episode "Attack of the Barians: Part 2 ". Does Yusei even have a license? I doubt they had exams on Old Satellite. Yeah, it IS a date. Oh, it's Ushio. EPISODE That one waitress is in.

How exactly does Accel block Yliaster's monster's effect? An even more powerfull Synchro will get absorbed just like a regular one. They changed it, and the subtitles are too big. They have the japanese lyrics now. But the subs are still too big. Oh, with the lyrics now there, I noticed they say "Genkai".

Genkai Battle, the first GX Ending. What does Genkai even mean, btw? Card of the week is Mirror Force! In other words, they work for Security for free. First Ghost, now this. Oh hey, it's the guy from the end of last episode. He's definitely the amnesia person. Jack just straight up kidnapped some guy. I wouldn't be helping them if I had no information on who they were, if one of them just kidnapped me and implied to have beaten me up, They're putting Momentum inside the D-Wheel?

Wasn't his name from the Planetary Particle? Jack and Crow are just sitting doing nothing, Ruka, Rua and Aki have just arrived Continuing on from the "Without Yusei, we're lost" line from last episode, my guess is that they'll all just end up being bored doing nothing.

Well they talked for an entire night and going, so yeah Lol, Jack is more upset that his food was eaten, than the data stolen. Antique Gear Golem and Are those the gears that Yugi used against Atem? Some bug, they don't have 2 minutes subbed. This is where my japanese classes would come in handy if I was more advanced.

Something about a D-Wheel duel. It's Luciano shapeshifted as Jaeger, I'm calling it. It's already established he can shapeshift. Ordered by Placido, sure, but it was Jaeger. I was very confident that it was Luciano shapeshifted. He got distracted by food I hope this results into Crow dueling Jaeger again, to end the duel that was started back then. I hate Crow's deck.

Placido has Momentum in his hand? He couldn't have jumped from up there and not get at all hurt. Then again there's Divine Well shit, Neo Domino City is screwed.

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I love that Jaeger is rooting for who he's supposed to be rooting against. Jaeger, why are you even rooting for Yusei? I didn't even notice they were gone. How did Jack and Crow even know this is where Yusei and Bruno went to? Later, Tori went with with Yuma to find Shark after he declared that he wanted a rematch, but was cornered by ChillsScorch and their goons. Shark however stepped in and told them to back off, leaving Tori and her friends alone. She was shocked when Shark said that he gave up on Dueling due to losing to Yuma.

Tori Meadows

The next day, Bronk asked Tori where Yuma was; she responded that he went to look for Shark. Tori was shocked at how Yuma backed out on his promise to not use his "Numbers" and was even more shocked when Shark defeated Yuma easily. Tori followed him and asked him what was wrong. Bronk told her that Yuma's attitude toward Dueling was starting to get to him, to which Tori partially agreed to. Yuma, after much thought decided to ask Shark for another rematch, but Tori told him to stop getting involved with Shark and his business after Weasel told Yuma that Scorch and Chills were using him to commit crimes.

She and Bronk cheered when the brothers were defeated by Yuma and Shark's "Hope-Ray Lancer" combo, and they pulled faces as the brothers ran off after losing their "Numbers". This scared Tori and she was shocked when Kari saw her and Yuma on the news and assigned them to get a scoop on what was going on.

Yuma left Tori after he saw that the criminal was possessed by a "Number" card, leaving her worried. After an exhausting day at school, Bronk told Yuma and Tori about a tournament in a neighboring city, which they all attended. After the tournament, Tori mocked Yuma for losing so easily. On their way home, it started to rain heavily.

Yuma and Tori started running home, but while crossing a road, a truck almost hit Tori. They then began a Duel with their "Numbers" on the line.

Seeing this, Tori ran to his side and wondered what happened. Yuma fell to the ground, who began to cry out of anger of almost losing to Kite. Despite this, Yuma and Astral remained in a state of shock due to their humiliating Duel against Kite. While at the lodge, Tori, Bronk and Yuma carried out tasks for Roku. One night, Kazea former student of Roku, appeared before him and defeated him in a Duel. He burst into the lodge, shocking Tori as he attempted to attack a statue of " Blade Armor Ninja ".

She watched with her friends as Yuma Dueled Kaze to protect the lodge from harm. Seeing Kari shocked Tori, as she knew that she forbade Yuma from Dueling.

Kari scolded Yuma for Dueling when he wasn't supposed to, but she was interrupted by Roku, who told her that Dueling was a way to let Yuma grow as a person. During a pinch in the Duel, Yuma fell to the floor as he had lost hope.

Seeing this, Haru suggests that Yuma could do with a "Duel meal" and looked at Tori, who ran into Roku's kitchen to prepare him one. She gave it to Yuma, which improved his spirit and giving him the will to win the Duel. After the Duel, Roku gave Yuma a "secret lodge Deck" containing several rare cards.

Tori nd the rest of Yuma's friends decided to produce a group known as the Super Secret Number Card Investigation Clubwhich are dedicated to researching the "Numbers" for Yuma. Whilst investigating the Numbers, Shark told Tori that she shouldn't get involved with them because they are evil and do nothing but cause trouble.

After an exhausting day of finding no information, Tori and her friends grouped together to discuss their findings, but luckily, Flip managed to find out that a fortune teller under the name of Fortuno knew about the "Numbers". Straight away, Tori and her friends visited the fabled fortuneteller, but it was all a trap as he managed to lure the club into his lair and trap them in order to lure Yuma into a Duel with his "Number" cards on the line.

After falling into a pit, Tori awakened to find herself and the rest of the club trapped on top of a small rock surrounded by lava. After the Duel, they discovered that they were standing on top of a table all along. The Number Club congratulated Yuma and Astral on their victory. This scene is cut from the English version After Shark's defeat at the hands of Kite, Tori and her friends visited him in the hospital and were shocked to find him comatose, as his soul was taken by Kite.

Tori accompanied Yuma to visit Mr. Kay in order to find out where the Emperor's Key had been taken to. After finding out the location, Tori followed Yuma to Kite's laboratory and helped him get in with the assistance of their other friends. During this time, Yuma gave up and cried out of shame, causing Tori to snap him out of his depression by slapping him This scene is cut from the dub and tell him to get his act together.

He then stood up, and with the assistance of Mr. Kay, managed to get in. Tori and Bronk distracted Orbital 5 long enough for Yuma to locate where Astral was. During this time, the laboratory was on the verge of exploding, so they evacuated, much to Tori's protests as she didn't want to leave without Yuma.

After getting outside of the laboratory, it exploded causing Tori and her friends to think Yuma died, causing her to scream his name out of despair. Much to her happiness, Yuma survived and climbed out of the rubble, making Tori shout at him for making her think such things. She and her friends watched Kite fly away on Orbital 7.

As they talked, they heard the schools bells ring, causing them to run toward school.

Yugioh 5D's Yusei and Akiza scene from Episode 154

While running down a staircase, Flip and Caswell tripped over but time stopped due to Kite finding out what "Numbers" Yuma had obtained. When time restarted, Flip and Caswell fell down the stairs, shocking Tori, but she was more concerned towards where Yuma has disappeared to.


She was even more shocked at how Yuma was so clueless that he hadn't sent off for the application to enter the tournament. After Yuma ran from the class screaming as he couldn't apply for a Heart Piece, Tori followed him to the entrance of Heartland where he was causing all sorts of annoyance for the staff from playing dead to not letting go of their legs which shocked Tori and her friends.

After managing to claim a Heart Piece from Mr. HeartlandYuma told Tori about his reasons for entering the tournament, which caused her to praise him. On the opening day of the WDC, Tori traveled with Yuma and their friends and watched the virtual firework display before they split up to Duel. As Bronk and Flip split from the group, Striker kicked a ball into Yuma's face to challenge him to a Duel. During the Duel, Tori and her holographic friends cheered Yuma on and when the Duel ended, the outfits and her friends disappeared.

This trope is proven in episode When Sherry tries to crush him with her D-Wheel, Jose easily catches it with one hand. The old guy then punches another one with enough force to send it flying and make it explode; and just in case anybody still doubted him, episode saw Jose building upon Lucciano and Placido's strategies to quickly defeat and absorb Jack's Scar-Red Nova Dragon, one of the most powerful Synchro Monsters around, and take out Crow without too much trouble either.

Jack is the requisite long-coat wearer for the series, though he also spends a good deal of time in his riding suit. Kiryu acquired one prior to episode One of his monsters, Infernity Death Gunman, also qualifies for this trope. Rua somewhat qualifies, considering he pretty much did most of the work in defeating the first Dark Signer before his sister took over using his deck.

Unfortunately he loses his status as badass normal when he became a Signer. Mizoguchi counts as this too. The bar Yusei must go to in episode 11, and the bar Ramon is seen in 86 qualifies. Not as a whole, but there was one tiny bit in the 2nd version of the Dark Signer Arc opening, when it showed Jack and D-Carly facing off in a Ground Duel. As anyone who actually saw the Duel will know, this wasn't the case.

Despite being shown in silhouette alongside Wisel and Skiel in the third opening, Jose's Machine Emperor Grannel never shows up during the episodes it plays for.

It noticeably doesn't acknowledge Aki learning how to drive a D-Wheel and temporarily substituting for Crow on the team, and Bruno showing up and joining the pit crew along with Aki, Ruka, and Ruka. And best of all, none of the main characters even wear the outfits pictured! The fourth opening and ending songs depict Life Stream Dragon, Rua's Signer Dragon, along with the other Sgner Dragons although it wasn't entirely clear at the time.

It doesn't appear at all during the fourth opening and ending songs' run, and only appears during the run of the fifth and final opening and ending songs, which actually switch back to showing Rua's Power Tool Dragon, the "armor" of Life Stream Dragon, so-to-speak, instead.

One of the many things known about the Bad Future is that Synchro Summoning is outlawed. It was too little, too late in stopping Momentum from going out of control. The yellow markers on a person's face, nicknamed Criminal Markers, indicate their arrest and incarceration by Security at some point. Noticeable feature of Carly's Dark Signer outfit, as well as Kiryu's. Beat Still, My Heart: When a Dark Signer summons their Jibakushin or Earthbound Goda disembodied heart materializes, and starts to beat as it absorbs souls from the Geoglyph.

Some of the Jibakushin support in the TCG features this heart as well. Carly without her glasses of course!! As seen by Crow, when all of the children get sacrificed by the Earthbound God thing. Slandering Jack's title of king, such as addressing him as "Former King", certainly counts as this. Beware the Nice Ones: Despite her mellowed attitude after making amends with her parents, Aki's subtle Yandere moments and the fact she can control her powers these days make for a terrifying prospect indeed.

Let's not forgot about Barbara. Although Yusei's protective of all his friends, it's the death of eleven-year-old Rally in Episode 46 that makes him snap and start howling for bloody revenge. Slightly subverted in that they're not actually related.

Still unrelated by blood, but they call him "Crow-niichan," or "Big brother Crow," so it's close enough for government work. In another odd example, Ruka actually asks for the protection of her twin brother Rua when they go to Satellite.

Rua's distrust of Luciano when he gets close to his sister is the impetus of episode Just prior to Zero Reverse, Rudger orders Rex to safety, making Rex the only adult to survive the epicenter of the event. At the conclusion of the Crashtown arc, Kiryu appears to have adopted a couple of kids after their father falls tragically to his death to save their lives. Same children also refer to him using the honorific used for older brothers.

When a group of kids are about to be sacrificed to Rudger's Earthbound God and Yusei can't do anything about it, Jack comes barreling over a pile of debris to save them, belittling the Earthbound God all the while.

At the end of the Crashtown arc, just as the bad guys start saying Screw The Rules, I Have Hostages, Jack and Crow show up outta frickin' nowhere with the police in tow. The result is the temporary rebirth of Team Satisfaction. Dark Glass in Episodesaving Yusei from the Diablo. The MC pulls this in episodestaying behind in New Domino City as the Arc Cradle is in the middle of falling on it in order to commentate on the Card Games on FLYING Motorcycles so the civillians who understandably wanted to watch could continue running for their lives while still knowing what's going on.

The scene in 39 after Carly defeats and kills Divine. Episode 46, when Martha is sacrificed, although she gets better and again when Rally sacrifices himself to save Yusei. Ruka's pained scream is so heartbreaking.