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FactoryTwoFour is tackling a Porsche backdate! What's a backdate? Well we bought a to turn it into a Why? Because we. Buy online, view images and see past prices for Porsche Carrera 4. the technical changes have been recorded in the registration document, such as . Privacy and cookiesJobsDatingOffersShopPuzzlesInvestor SubscribeRegister Log in some tiresome motor-related legal document leaping out from a corner of the filing I was going to put the Jag in the Porsche 's garage, which is over the road from my house, and then drive the back to the Jag's.

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Has my stance on backdating changed? One I'll duck for now by telling the story behind this car. We've met Autofarm before on these pages, driving a previous engined backdate and meeting owner Josh Sadler. By now you're probably thinking 'ah, the British Singer! Lio used it as a daily driver in this configuration Tonight Matthew Which is exactly what owner Lio di Mascio had them do.

From wrecked SC Autofarm built the car into a 2. For nigh-on six years and nearly 35, miles it was both his fun car and his daily driver into London before he chopped it in for a second-gen GT3, a move he regretted when he realised the friendliness shown to the old car in cut and thrust traffic was turned on its head in the GT3.

That and its licence eating potential saw it last just 18 months in his care before thoughts turned to a Turbo. An inspection on his chosen car revealed hidden horrors just as Josh passed on a tip that Lio's original was coming back onto the market. It was a no-brainer.

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So to round two. Clearly of a different mindset, the interim custodian had covered just 4, miles but addressed a couple of things Lio had been too busy driving it to attend to.

And use it he has, the odometer now showing just shy ofmiles and regular runs to Le Mans and roadtrips to Scotland under its belt. If you ever need a case study of an old car thriving on 'correct' usage and maintenance it would seem this is it. Sure, there will have been some fairly big bills along the way. But Lio's logic is having tried a modern and not got on with it he'd rather put the same money into a car perfectly customised to his tastes.

No apologies to purists. It's what you hold up to say what could happen. Some dealership personnel don't realize the legal ramifications of backdating, dealer lawyers and a dealer association executive said.

Indeed, more than half of the respondents who acknowledged backdating in the Automotive News survey said they just never changed the original date.

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When a sale happens near the end of a month, the motivations are often money related. The dealership may be trying to preserve a manufacturer incentive for the customer that otherwise would have expired. Or the dealership may be trying to hit a sales target to earn a dealer incentive from the factory. In the case of manufacturer stair-step incentives, the penalty for missing a target can be huge.

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This stripped out and paired down racer that was the meticulously reduced essence of this sports car brand had to be in my life. I had patience for acquiring this toy, but not that kind of patience. Basically, and luckily for me, Porsche s changed comparatively very little from their introduction in up to For all intents and purposes, the bodyshell stayed the same while the engine and driving characteristics got better and better — while the bumpers got bigger and bigger.

Some engineering psychopath discovered that with very little effort and just a dash of metal fabrication one could turn any from these two and a half decades into a RS 2. Falling down the rabbit hole, I discovered for very boring reasons only an anorak cares about that just 3 years were the best platform for backdating — If I wanted to do this right, it would have to be in this range of years.

With this knowledge and a fantasy shopping list in hand, I started saving and dreaming.