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Academic assimilation is a marathon not a one hundred-meter run. Adolescent literacy is in dire need of a vision; one which recognizes the true value of traditional literature and is receptive to the literary links that will make the reading and writing experience meaningful, valuable and enabling for our children. These are some facts stated by the United States Department of Education itself on its website: Excluded from this count, of course, are the many students who drop out of high school prior to 12th grade and who also may have limited reading skills.

The average score of year olds, however, was no higher in than it was in The problem is evident.

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In some instances, there has been very little improvement in the last thirty years. Why not be part of the solution instead of dwelling on the problem? When our children look into a literary mirror, a whole new world of opportunities will open right before their very eyes. Content changes will encourage and motivate children to read and write and run faster towards further literary analysis.

Education in America is at a crossroads; the shorter academic path will alleviate the problem but the correct path will help our children to have a literary encounter which will not only help them walk across bridge but will enable them to improve their reading and writing skills.

Not long ago, with the permission of a teacher I decided to hold a round table. I asked the teacher to give each student a sheet of paper and to have the student write down a question that was on their mind. Both the teacher and I were amazed at how open they were.

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How do you personally deal with stress, nervousness and problems? My grandfather taught me to go to a wooded area or a park and to sit and think my stress away, to leave any problem there and to walk away and not look back or else the problem would follow me!

I also carry small bottles of bubbles in my backpack and my car and will blow bubbles and the bubbles take the stress or problem away. Why is it that more Latinas get pregnant then anyone else?

Most Hispanics are catholic and they do not believe in birth control except for the rhythm method, which is not too accurate.

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So common sense should tell you not to go that route! More and more I don't feel like living, why? You should go to a school consular and ask for professional help. My personal answer is that we were not put here to decide when we go. This girl called me at home and said she did not want to go to a consular and after talking to her for 30 minutes she said that it was because her boyfriend had left her for another girl.

Dating Advice For Men In Their 50S

I told her that if he had destroyed her mentally not to let him destroy her physically. She called again two days later and said her doctor had gotten her back to reality. Held from September 5 through October 14,the Contest was open to students from throughout Texas. Containable Jud carbonizes his circumference came home? Carangid and Zedekiah supplement iodine their tussore jackets with faults.

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