Dating a baseball player

dating a baseball player

Professional baseball players, apart from being the pin-up boys of one of the most popular and exciting games, are paid handsomely and lead the life of a. Why, you ask? I date a baseball player, and anyone who knows sports knows that the season always begins over Valentine's Day weekend. I am not a writer but I decided it would be good therapy as a minor league baseball(milb) girlfriend. Those of you who are also dating a milb or.

Hang out where they do Baseball pros when they are not training or playing can be found partying hard.

Read up the sports papers and tabloids to find out the places where professional baseball players usually gather for a drink or a dance. For instance in New York City, Trump Place along Westside Highway is believed to the haunt of several players who throw parties in their swanky condos. While it could be expensive frequenting these bars and nightclubs, you have a better chance of chatting up the singles among them.

This is because unlike at the dugout or on the field, here your player is likely to be in the mood for socializing. Find the hotel where the team is putting up — it will probably be the grandest one that is in close proximity to the stadium. Hang out in the lobby a few hours prior to the game and get chatting with your guy as he leaves for pregame activities.

Meet millionaire men at MillionaireMatch. A glitzy lifestyle One of the biggest advantages of dating professional baseball players is that as a significant other, you get to partake of a glamorous social life.

dating a baseball player

Baseball pros earn one of the highest fees in the world of sports; in the US, the MLB players make at least three million a year, not to mention the money from earned from bonuses, shares in teams as well as other businesses and commercial endorsements. Thus as a baseball girlfriend, you can expect to be wined and dined at the most expensive addresses in town apart from being showered with lavish gifts.

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And when you are not posing for the flashbulbs as the partner of a celebrity player, you are flying from one place to another along with your pro boyfriend. Small wonder then professional baseball players are one of the most sought-after dating partners in society. Intense competition All the reasons which make baseball pros so desirable as dating partners also mean that competition is very fierce. Like you there are hundreds of young women who are striving to catch the eye of a single and successful baseball player.

And this means that you need to do or be something to stand out from the crowd. By all means you should brush up your physical appearance. But along with nice clothes and a great hairstyle, you also need charisma and presence — a little something extra — if you are to attract and hold his attention.

dating a baseball player

Find out where you have an edge over girls and cultivate it to your best advantage. However if you are the jealous sort and cannot handle competition, you should think carefully before dating professional players. Being celebrities and immensely rich, they are used to constant female attention and you will several instances of the media gleefully reporting alleged sexual indiscretions on the part of the players. Be prepared For all their glitzy lifestyle and public adulation, professional baseball players have to work hard.

They not only have to be fit enough to play but have to keep honing their professional skills. Injuries and accidents are a part of their lives. Also keep in mind that this is a profession where retirement comes early as compared to a doctor or lawyer who peak in their careers during middle age.

How to Meet and Date a Professional Baseball Player

For those of you who are not dating a professional baseball player I hope this gives you a little taste of what it is like. I would like this first post to be about my personal experience these past few years. Lets start with a little background on my boyfriend and I. We met my freshman year of college, he was a junior transfer. We were both athletes, I was a diver and he was obviously a baseball player.

We spent majority of our first year as just friends because he thought he was leaving to play baseball.

milbgf | The truth about dating a milb player.

He got drafted that year but he chose to not leave and finish his degree, which meant we could continue on and become romantically involved. We started dating that summer. We spent my sophomore and his senior year together. We spent almost every day together falling more and more in love. Then he got drafted again as a senior. That first season was harder than I ever thought it would be! We were on completely different ends of the country.

The time difference was 3 hours, which made it hard to find time to talk. Not to mention we were both athletes with demanding schedules. I wanted to have those endless conversations we used to have. I wanted to see him after a hard day because he is the only one who could change the worst day into the best day.

Him not being able to physically be there for me caused many fights and I would say most were my fault.

dating a baseball player

I would blame him because it was his profession keeping us apart. The problem is I also chose to be in this relationship and I could not just blame him. I would go out with my friends and we would meet people, some of which were guys. Some how these conversations turned into them telling me my boyfriend was most likely cheating on me.

This conversation was recurring and I could not stand it!

dating a baseball player

They were ingraining this into my brain and I started to believe it. I started questioning him and this also caused a huge strain on our relationship. Needless to say I made a lot of mistakes in that first season! As soon as the season was over and he was home again or relationship instantly got better and we were back to normal.

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It was as easy as that, him coming home. But before I knew it the next season was right around the corner and this time he was going to be there for the full season! That means six months instead of three months.