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Many students said to the open-ended question that it is nice to have a power point of the lecture online.

Cibc online dating

One said they had technical difficulties viewing the video lecture. Another student complained that the video quality was too low making the lecture less appealing. There are many factors which determine which form of course a person should take. It also depends on your personal preference. Maybe you are a person who need to be in a traditional class setting in order to learn.

Maybe you need social interaction with your peers and instructor to do better. Maybe you are working full-time while balancing 20 credits and does not have time to attend lectures so you watch video lectures right after you get off work at 3AM.


Should you try to make time to go to a lecture because you will get a better grade? Studies show that online courses require more discipline from the student. This means you have to take it upon yourself to learn and study. If you have no flexibility in your schedule, you should choose the online class instead.

If you are an independent person, one who does not like distractions or interactions with other people, online class is for you. According to the Journal of Public Affairs Educationit is easier for students to ignore the instructor in online classes. On the other hand, online class give less anxiety to students compared to a traditional class. Online classes provide a deeper understanding of the topic and has a high level of reflection. There are less hierarchies and more equal participation in online classes.

On the other hand, traditional class are less likely to cover as much detail, is possible to avoid participation, and have little time to reflect upon ideas. In a study conducted by Thirunarayanan and Perez-Pradthey found that the online class scored slightly higher than the traditional class, however the difference was not statistically significant.

Other studies show that students who do well in school in general can do just as well taking any type of class.

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