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facejacker terry tibbs. Talk to me: Terry Tibbs, the face behind the voice behind the deals. Flick through the comedy history books and the TV. Fonejacker is a British comedy programme broadcast on E4 featuring a series of prank calls . It was released on the same date as Series 2. On some occasions he has also been used to phone various places asking Terry Tibbs is a car salesman who calls various sellers about items on offer, and drives a hard bargain. The following is an episode list for the E4 series Fonejacker. The series premiered on Comedy . Terry Tibbs calling an elderly woman about an Italian fireplace. . Brian calling a café asking if his blind date has arrived, only to regret it after being .. Janec calling a plumbing, gas and building site company for a job, only to.

Novak is also swift to dismiss the swirl of controversy caused by Four Lions' contentious jihadist subject. Before the first series of Fonejacker, Channel 4 fretted heartily about the possible bulging postbag of complaints it would receive because of Kayvan's ethnic accents.

It's not the first time he's been in trouble for it, he explains. As a student at a respected north London school his extracurricular class clowning led to an expulsion. At the end of term I'd always do a little show for the class where I'd just rip it out of all of them. I've got some on video actually," he laughs. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in was probably the cut-off for me. What a hit streak!

I'd lap up every Smashy and Nicey sketch and repeat them to my mates the next day. The way Paul Whitehouse does voices and inhabits characters is humbling. I love the leisurely pace of it. I make fast-paced TV on steroids but when you watch 80s TV back it's just so chilled. Del Boy will have a monologue for no apparent reason. For example, he attempts to schedule a get-away in a minicab and to arrange for a locksmith to open the bank's safe.

Prankster's paradise: Fonejacker hits the streets

Series 1 Episode 3 Detective Horace Von Khute is a telephone fraud prevention officer from Zimbabweand is known to ask victims questions pertaining to a previous prank call. He speaks in a gravelly, hushed South African tone. Also, Detective Horace has an unusually long telephone number, making it hard to give and confirm that it is correct. His office uses an assortment of old, outdated equipment to track fraudsters possibly a reference to Zimbabwe's current economic crisis His most wanted criminal is George Agdgdgwngo.

Series 1 Episode 5 Dufrais Constantinople is a complaining Jewish man he is sometimes pictured wearing a yarmulke who calls an electric fence company to ask if it will stop the kids from next door from kicking the ball into his garden; he also calls a P. I and asks why he is being followed only to enter into argument, and also the Met Office about an incorrect newspaper report of the weather.

He gives his name in two of his three calls, by spelling it out using words by saying "D for Donald, U for up, F for Friday, R for raspberry, A for ah, I for is and S for stratosphere", with D once being for 'Derrick'.

He always struggles to find a word starting with S, claiming his mind has gone blank. Series 2 Episode 1 Mendoza is a Russian man, [9] who phones people who he wants to hire in order to hold an orgywhich he does not reveal at first to the "victims", until later on. He calls the orgys 'an event' beforehand, always has a drummer present, and people wearing masks. Series 2 Episode 2 Steve a young scouse male, with a remarkable similarity to Steven Gerrardwho phones from a prison about different jobs, such as babysitting or as a chef at an airport restaurant, stating he has experience with the jobs such as caring for his drug addict sisters children and cooking in the prison kitchen.

Series 2 Episode 3 Janec is a Polish man who has moved from his homeland of Poland to Glasgow in Scotland, and lives in a bedsit with his other friends also from his homeland.

Janec makes many calls applying for jobs, and once rang up a neighbour asking him to leave his phone near his TV, so they can hear it 'like a radio', as they do not have one themselves. He was commissioned to create the sound effects for a fictional Polish game show, supermarket announcement tannoys, the fasten seatbelt tone on Polish airlines and action scene music for a film, with all these played on a " Poland " keyboard.

He once called a modeling agency asking to be a model. In that episode, he refers to himself being Ukrainian, despite saying he recorded music for a Polish game show. Like Horace Von Khute, he gave out an unusually very long telephone number in one of his calls. Series 2 Episode 3 One-off[ edit ] Alan A man who called a rickshaw driver to pick him up from terminal 4 of Heathrow airport. Comedy Lab Pilot Man with a broken tooth style of talking name unknown is a man asking to see a dentist, but then unknown to the receptionist he asks to perform some love acts on her, but she thinks he is still making an appointment.

The Fonejacker had his mouth full whilst making this call. He calls back later in the same episode, but has problems again. Comedy Lab Pilot Welsh Man name unknown A man with a Welsh accent claiming to have lost both of his thumbs in a freak baking accident calling a mobile phone shop to enquire about the best mobile phone for him.

Series 1 Episode 1 Roger Barker is a posh English man with telephone problems who attempts to buy a Bentley. Series 1 Episode 3 BT Engineer Tarquin A BT engineer calling a book shop checking to see if their phone line is 'crackly' the Fonejacker is actually crumpling a piece of paper next to the phone.

Series 1 Episode 4 Bijan is a foreign man who is seen riding a motorbike. He called a paparazzi service whilst chasing David Beckham and offered pictures and videos of him, only to crash during the call. Series 1 Episode 4 Vishka Vishkovski is a Russian circus act whose act involves an 'amazing dancing bear on the hot coals'.

He phones up a circus agency to ask for a job, often repeating his name and act several times. Series 1 Episode 5 Hospitalised Man name unknown A hospitalised man on a breathing machine calling a company for life insurance, only to die during the call. Series 1 Episode 6 Restaurant owner A restaurant owner calling a phone that supposedly belongs to a waiter named Antonio, it is answered by a man who found it in his dustcart, the Restaurant owner asks why he is late for work.

Series 2 Episode 1 Stanley is a young boy who phoned a model shop from his school, asking the shop for " Hornby Railways " train sets and figures, some of which do not exist, for example: Series 2 Episode 1 Barry Childs is a man who is a chief executive in the 'Young Offenders Institute' trying to book a magic act. Initially the act sounds keen until he learns that his close contact magic will be likely to provoke a violent response from the offenders, and that several previous bookings including clown were assaulted, after which the act politely declines.

Series 2 Episode 1 Rodriguez A Cuban hair louse who calls a school and asks if there is a school nurse who checks the children for lice. Series 2 Episode 2 Dan A soldier phoning a florist in order to buy some flowers. Just as he is reading out what he would like on the card the Fonejacker plays a CD of battle sound effects to make it seem like he is phoning from the Afghanistan War Appearance: Series 2 Episode 3 Jimmy Jon is a bisexual Australian man who is given a call back from a man he telephoned earlier in the day, only to miss the call.

When he gets back to him he tells him he is interested in buying a bed he has for sale, only to make sexual references informing the caller what he wants to do with the bed. Series 2 Episode 3 Steve's Guv is a man who Steve, when calling about an au pair position, passes the phone onto.

He informs the locksmith some of his family have died due to the same reason, only to fall into the snake pit himself while still on the phone. The singer Mika is shown as the zoo keeper in charge of the killings, who named the mouse "lunch". He later plays the sound heard on a supermarket tannoy, claiming he composed that also alongside a soundtrack for a murder scene in a Polish film, and the "fasten seatbelt" sound on Polish Airlines. An Iraqi man phoning the British Army in an attempt to join them, but is told Iraq is not a commonwealth country.

The Fonejacker phoning a mobile phone left in a clothes shop, and claims to the man who finds it, that he is after a girl called Olga, only to start arguing with the man threatening to "put my foot in your arse". George Agdgdgwngo phoning a woman, saying he's from ITV and claims that her phone has made many calls totallingpounds, to phone vote lines involved in the ITV voting scam.

He tries to get her bank details to send the "Rebate Cheque", and then starts making a speech about how important ITV is while playing Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau as a backing track on a tape player. He then gets back to the point of the call, saying he wants to pay her the monies, and she says it's too good to be true. She creates an idea for Ant and Dec to send the money to her, George then says it can be arranged and will say hello to them for her.

Mr Broadbandings calling from "Internet Relationship Providings", asking a man the usual "Are you in a relationship at the moment? He is interested in signing up, and gives details for the sort of girl he is looking for.

Mr Broadbandings then puts his descriptions in a computer which acts like a slot machineand shouts "I'm finding you datings! He says the service is free, but starts the expensive prices announcement. After a while the man's partner is heard in the background telling him to put the phone down. Donald Donaldson phoning Francis, who is a window cleaner to book an appointment, before talking to him using sexual innuendos, and singing him a tune in the same manner. Janec phoning a neighbour from his bedsit asking for the Poland football match result, as there is no TV, the man says he is not watching it and Janec asks him to check the other channels.

Janec then asks him if he and his friends could listen to it. The man refuses as he's watching Coronation StreetJanec again asks to listen but the man refuses and tells him he is going to bed. A posh man phoning a scrap yard trying to get another man's car scrapped, as the owner has been having sex with his wife. The scrapyard owner refuses to do so as the man does not have the documents, annoyed by this he smashes the window only to set the alarm off, and get assaulted by the man who owns the car.

He later says he is trying to track down his ex-girlfriend. Stevie phoning an airport applying for a chef job. When he reveals he has a criminal recordthe man refuses saying that BAA will not issue an airside pass. Andrew calling a police station about the appearance of a series of gang members, only to pretend that the line is faulty, so the man on the other end of the line cannot hear the descriptions properly, nor his phone number.

Terry Tibbs phones a man named Anthony, from a fireworks display company, asking how long a display will last.

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Anthony says it lasts for seven minutes, with Terry asking in reply if they'll be the greatest seven minutes he'll see of fireworks. He then says the display is for a celebration of his divorce, and says he is thinking of having it round his house, his wife's or his father in-law's.

Anthony then asks where he lives only to reply "Well, my house! Terry then asks Anthony who the last person he spoke to was, with it being his girlfriend. Terry then asks him what they spoke about, and tells Terry they talked about sex.

Terry then asks if they whispered or spoke loud, before Anthony says they did a bit of both, and then gets back on the subject of the fireworks.

After a while Terry ends the call with his "Goodnight and much love! Mr Broadbandings receiving a call from a man, who is enquiring an advert he is running selling two tickets for Dolly Parton. Mr Broadbandings confuses the man by thinking he is after train tickets, and then offering tickets for flights, and Bon Jovi before the man hangs up, saying that he is no longer interested, despite Mr Broadbandings efforts to offer tickets for Take That.

Donald Donaldson phoning an estate agents for the viewing of a house. He asks about the hair colour of the man who does the viewings, before asking for more details of his appearance.

Donald then asks in a sexual manner if he would like to spend time with him, only for the man he is talking with to hang up and hold his head in his hands, while the Fonejacker laughs. Mendoza calls a drummer named Pierre, so he can bang a single drum at an orgy. Despite being offer 15, euros, then 30, euros, Pierre refuses the offer.

They also guess the name of the song correctly, after asking him to sing the first part again. Janec calling a plumbing, gas and building site company for a job, only to give a very long Polish mobile phone number, and mention how many tea breaks he will take in comparison to the British workers Janec says one, while he also says that he's seen the British take many with biscuits. The woman he is talking to says the workers do not take that many at all, and Janec then says he can be taken on for cheap labour, only for the woman to think he is aiming to compete with the workforce and hang up 2.

Janec phoning a modelling agencyin which he tries to trick the man into thinking he asked him for the time, after giving a height that was below the regulation. He later asks about for bringing his wife and children, and asks for the age limits before giving their ages. He mentions his mother, but the man dismisses this and says she is too tall when Janec says she is 7'2". The man Janec is talking to appears to be looking at Fonejacker clips on YouTubewith George Agdgdgwngo on the screen. Janec also claims to be Ukrainian.

The Fonejacker contacting an Algerian man named Kimahl on his phone, after finding his number on the last calls dialed directory. He says he spoke for 48 minutes, asking what he was speaking to his wife Joanne about, suspecting there is an affair taking place behind his back. Dufrais calling the Met Office complaining about the weather being forecast incorrectly in a newspaper. Terry Tibbs enquiring about buying a Hi-Fi cabinet. Terry later asks if she has anything else to sell, which is a Technics Hi-Fi, and a sofa.

He is transferred to another department who does not know of him, and is asked by the other lady to e-mail her to confirm if he works for BAFTA. He later offers her to buy a DVD, only to hang up. Donald Donaldson contacting a bouncer named Neil and enquires about frisking in a sexual context. A fat gerbil telephones a fitness centre to lose weight. A man contacting the automated Ticketline service for musical tickets to We Will Rock Youonly for it to think he asked for Disney on Ice, and then on the second attempt it's recognised.

The automated service also understands the caller wants two tickets, but on the first attempt instead. However, when the caller asks for upper tier tickets, it thinks he is asking for back of the venue tickets, but the caller says its correct. On the clarification announcement the automated service, says "57, back of venue tickets for The Lion King! December Christmas Special Aired: George Agdgdgwngo calling a man asking for his bank account details so he and his interior company can redecorate and refurbish the entire bank vault in the theme of Christmas.

He soon refuses and hangs up. Christmas Special Mike making two calls, one calling from "Wrap a neighbours cat in cling film and throw it down a well Network Solutions Incorporated" asking a woman questions about the three wise men, and the other calling from "Tease your nipples with a Choc ice and whistle something fun Information Technology Services Limited" asking a woman a question about the baby Jesus. The question was "How much did the baby Jesus weigh when he was born?

The woman guesses 7 pounds, and according to Mike she answered the question correctly. Broadbandings calling from All-in-One Multimedia Providings trying to offer a man a special Christmas offer including free internet service providings, free satellite dish upgradings, free mobile phones and free home telephonings, with no one-off payments, but the man is not interested, while telling Mr Broadbandings to "Stop talking!

He even goes as far as to threaten to smack a man around his "fucking face" if he doesn't put his cigarette out. Terry Tibbs calling a man named Cameron enquiring about a Camper Van. Terry then pushes him further and thinks he is watching Neighbourstelling him to switch it off and buy his album How To Do Business With Terry Tibbs.

George Agdgdgwngo calling two victims, one involving a man winning 1, Ugandan Dollars and 86 cents on the "Charitable Telephonic Scratchcard", and the other involving cyber thieves. The first 'victim' seems aware he is being given a prank or hoax call, as he seems aware he has to give a bank account number and sort code even before George requests this from him, and does not seem surprised he has won when George gets a penny to remove the silver panel on the card. The second 'victim' calls George a "fucking lunatic" and "The undesireable" when already being informed of the Cyber Thieves by George labelling them as "undesireables" himself.

The man asks George where he is calling from just to amuse him, which makes George look stumped for a few seconds before saying " Solihull! The man asks him where it is only to reply "It is in the United Kingdom sir! Doovde making two calls, one asking the number for Bup BPand the other calling a musical instrument store trying to find out the name of a Christmas Carol by singing it with nonsense lyrics, in the same way he sings "West End Girls" by the Pet Shop Boys in the first series.

Brian Betonde calling a store asking if they sell Baubles, only for his unusual speech impediment to make it difficult for the man and woman at the store to understand him. When he tries saying it for the third time he is told by the service that he has exceeded his messaging limit. He has to choose the Property option again but the service thinks he asked for romance, he hangs up after saying "Fuck off" and the service supposedly malfunctions. When the woman on the phone refuses, she also refuses the amounts of bags down to 25 bags, and angrily tells him that he has to go somewhere else for that amount and hangs up.

The Mouse caught in a mouse trap phoning the vet to see if the vet can save him.