Makeup tutorial for filipina eyes dating

Pinay brides! Please post your bridal makeup looks!

makeup tutorial for filipina eyes dating

But look at me now, I'm even sharing makeup tutorials and skincare tips to you! If you want to imitate my eye makeup, here's what I did. Makeup tips, tutorials, and step-by-step how-tos helping you master the latest . to help instantly erase dark circles, cover up puffy eyes and hide fine lines. Korean Makeup Tutorial for Filipinos - YouTube Korean Makeup Tutorials, Philippine News, Filipino, . Asian Dating & Filipina Brides Free Online at Filipino4U.

Learn how to create X-Men Storm inspired eye makeup.

makeup tutorial for filipina eyes dating

This is a pretty awesome interpretation. Nothing's cooler than X-Men, so try out this Storm look for a costume party, next Halloween, or just a crazy nig Create a holiday cranberries eye makeup look Learn how to create a holiday cranberries eye makeup look.

Pursebuzz is a YouTube makeup star. Her makeup tutorials are widely watched and favorited.

Easy Everyday Make Up Tutorial - Asian Skin (Filipino)

Pursebuzz delivers beauty tutorials on makeup application and hairstyling. Search Pursebuzz on WonderHowTo for all of of her b Katy Perry is always Hot and never Cold for sure.

4 Makeup Tips Every Morena Should Know

From her amazing looks and style, she sure looks like someone fun to shop with. This clip will teach you what you need to know. Whether you're new to Adobe's popular raster graphics editing software or a seasoned professional just looking to better acquaint yourself with the program and its various feat Apply bright eye makeup handbag TV brings you a step by step video guide of how to do the hottest spring summer beauty trends - this time, its a fun splash of bold color Apply bright eye makeup.

Click through to watch this video on handbag. Create a Banksy inspired "cut here" eye makeup design You may have never heard of Banksy, but we're sure you've certainly seen his artwork.

4 Makeup Tips Every Morena Should Know

A famous graffiti artist, Banksy's spray can streams have graced locales the world over, and he always has something funny or political to say. Salute the graffiti artist by creating this Ba Marlena, aka MakeupGeek, is a freelance makeup artist living in Michigan. Apply autumn golden brown eye makeup In this tutorial, we learn how to apply autumn gold brown eye makeup.

First, apply a primer to the eye, then apply a gold color to the inner corner of the eye.

makeup tutorial for filipina eyes dating

Next, apply a dark gold color to the middle of the eye going up to the crease of the eye. Create a fun rainbow eye makeup look Rainbow eyes look nice and exciting.

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Makeup in 5 Simple Tutorials
  • (Closed) Pinay brides! Please post your bridal makeup looks!
  • Makeup Tutorial: Luminous

Want to do this yourself? Watch this makeup tutorial to learn how to create rainbow eye makeup. Create a simple and bold teal blue eye makeup look Eye makeup doesn't have to be super complicated or take half an afternoon to do in order to be bold and beautiful. In fact, there are many ways you can simplify your makeup routine, cut out colors, and save time while still making your eyes pop.

makeup tutorial for filipina eyes dating

How do you do this, you ask? Create a teal blue peacock inspired eye makeup look Peacocks are some of the most gorgeous animals on earth. Their electric blue and green bodies are colorful enough, but their extravagant tail really takes the cake with a fan-like display of long, luscious feathered with eye-like ends that are multicolored.

Use gel liner to create an eye makeup look Use gel liner to create an eye makeup look with this makeup tutorial from Leesha, aka XSparkage. XSparkage does all sorts of make Create an edgy, sparkly acid-green eye makeup look We know that "acid green" is not exactly a delightful color when it comes to most things.

If your two month-old orange is acid green, it's probably pure mold, and if a bottle is full of acid green liquid, it's most likely poison or, okay, soda. Blend, blend, blend As with all makeup, blending is key, lest you look like you finger painted your face.

Keep blending in concentric circles until all harsh lines are invisible.

Filipino Eye Makeup

Apply liquid eyeliner Photo: Draw your wing The goal of any winged liner is to accentuate and elongate your eye shape, which means the first line you draw should follow the natural slope of your lower lash line and extend up toward the tail of your brow. If you're worried about layering it on too thick, try using just the tippy tip of the pen to dot the liner between your lashes, then connect the dots.

Apply concealer for dark circles Photo: Instead, using a small concealer brush, like the E.

makeup tutorial for filipina eyes dating

Cover up a pimple Photo: Set it Zits are inherently oiler than the rest of your skin, so you'll need to "set" your concealer to keep it from sliding off by lunch. Blend it in Here's the key step most people skip: Tapered Brushand lightly tap it against the blemish, moving in a small circle to make sure the powder and concealer are totally blended with your surrounding skin. Contour and highlight Photo: Add the light Some fast facts for you: A cream highlighter looks more natural than a powder highlighter percent of the time.

Rub your ring finger over an iridescent highlighter shimmery or glitter-flecked formulas scream "Hey!