Spencer and maddy home away dating in real life

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spencer and maddy home away dating in real life

Josh shared a kiss with Maddy on the beach and walked her home, only to He sneaked into the school with Sasha, Spencer and Maddy to spend time together and . Josh began to get his life back on track, cancelling a TAFE application and .. conversation between himself and Andy that confirmed he was the real killer. Sasha declares her feelings for Spencer. Roo sees this and is wary of how Maddy will react. Home and Away: Maddy Osborne is a fictional character from the Australian Channel Seven soap opera Home Despite this Maddy chose to run away from home and arrives in Summer Maddy is a teen runaway, who arrives in the Bay with Spencer Harrington . to do the storyline justice and make it accurate for real life cancer patients.

He revealed that "Maddy is unconscious and the car is burning so he has to act very quickly, he's really hurt but manages to carry Maddy out of the car before it explodes. No one realises they are missing and are found the following morning when Maddy gets help. Younes revealed that he filmed his own stunts carrying Clementi when the explosion impacted. The car chase scenes were filmed at night on location down a narrow road.

The cast described the shoot as a "scary" scenario. He decides to try to make amends with the Braxton family but they are not interested. She comforts him and they kiss. He added that "Maddy is just this beautiful girl, he's blown away by her beauty. He has fallen in love with how sweet and caring she is. The police believe that Maddy and Josh have started the fire because they find CCTV footage placing them at the scene of the crime.

Maddy and Josh were sleeping there after they ran away from home but their trespassing makes them suspects. Roo is disappointed with Maddy and is unsure of her innocence.

The actress added "Roo freaks out because she knows if there's hard evidence, they may be involved, she's scared Josh and Maddy could get into a lot of trouble. Maddy did not start the fire and protests her innocence. Clementi explained that Maddy suspects Josh of arson and which makes him angry and "it throws a spanner in the works for their relationship. But Roo believes he is responsible and decides to warn Josh to keep away from Maddy. Gallagher told Miller that "he's developed quite strong feelings for Maddy, but thinks it might be in her best interest for him to leave.

One example occurred when Josh chooses to spend time with Maddy, leaving his brother Andy jealous. The latter spikes Maddy's drink and she begins to behave oddly. Josh discovers the truth and fight ensues over Maddy.

Gallagher believed that the partnership between Josh and Evelyn is stronger than the one he shared with Maddy.

He felt that they experienced a lack of mutual respect, adding that "with Maddy he always felt like he was beneath her, and that she would talk down to him.

Josh seeks comfort with Maddy and they sleep together. Northeast told Downie that Maddy takes advantage of Josh when he is vulnerable. But she also feels like she pushed Josh into having sex with Maddy because she wouldn't.

spencer and maddy home away dating in real life

The actress concluded that Maddy was able to give Josh something that Evelyn could not. Maddy is taken ill during the night with a "mystery illness". Doctor Nate Cooper Kyle Pryor assumes it is a virus but runs blood tests to find out. But when Marilyn Chambers Emily Symons points out that she looks more than eight weeks pregnant she realises that Oscar might be the father.

Maddy tells Oscar everything but tries to prevent Josh from learning the truth. Nate informs her that she has a suspicious mass growing on one of her ovaries. Clementi said that it no-one saw the shock coming. The news is "life changing" for Maddy, and she had already endured too much drama during the suspected pregnancy. But Nate informs her that they also had to remove her ovary, lessening the chance of her having children. Maddy is left with an "indescribable feeling" and fears it may be the end of her life.

Clementi defended her character stating that she feels "suffocated" and people are "crowding her". She cannot come to terms with her diagnosis because "it's all too much". The actress believed her character was not behaving weak but rather using her "strong and smart" personality traits to fight the illness.

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But Nate warns her that she needs to begin treatment right away to survive. Her main priority for her was to do the storyline justice and make it accurate for real life cancer patients. Having already had one ovary removed, Nate tells her that her only hope is having tissue removed and stored. She added that when she is left alone in hospital, "a wave of clarity washes over her".

She believes that her prognosis means her treatment may not work and she may die. So Maddy decides to run away and gain new experiences. He discovers her "bucket list" and realises where she is. Oscar travels to the city to find Maddy and convinces her to return home for treatment.

She has the space she needs to think and realise her cancer may not be a "death sentence". Oscars influence helps her to be a "strong woman" and he continues to support her. The actress noted a "connection that is unspoken" and "unbreakable bond" between Maddy and Oscar, adding "he really gets through to her". She tried to help Josh study for an exam but failed to dissuade him from taking a copy of the answers that Evelyn was handing out.

The whole class ended up being punished when Zac caught them. When Josh overheard her talking about the kiss with Spencer, they got into an argument and Oscar comforted her. However, she let Josh stay over with her when he found out Casey was his half-brother, which resulted in Alf finding out they were sleeping together and banning Josh from the house. Marilyn organised a mediation session which just left everyone embarrassed and Alf eventually accepted they were old enough to do what they wanted.

She accompanied Josh to a dinner with the Braxtons but they ended up going on a picnic with Kyle and Phoebe instead. She was shocked when Josh considered leaving town with Andy and got Kyle to talk to him. She tried to encourage the burgeoning romance between Spencer and Evelyn.

When she tried to spend time with Josh after training, Alf insisted she go home and study. She resolved to be less self-absorbed, with resulted in Alf running her into the ground during a training session. After Tamara left, Maddy tried to take up her idea of a mid-year dance and put together a committee, but put her foot in it by asking Bianca to arrange for Spencer to have time off work, not realising she and Heath had separated, then had the idea rejected straight out when Bianca learned how much money it would cost.

She decided to organise a house party instead but Alf refused her permission. Marilyn arranged for them to have the party at the surf club but Maddy was upset when Josh said he was too busy studying to go and told Spencer she thought it was selfish, which Josh overheard. She tried to spend time with Josh but he claimed he needed to do something with Andy, so she was upset to find him on his own at the Diner.

When she went looking for him to talk it over, she found him making jokes at her expense with Sasha. Sasha explained Josh was having a hard time studying, so Maddy arranged a study group with the two of them, Spencer and Evelyn, but her techniques for memorising things failed to help Josh. She realised Evelyn had a crush on Josh and told him not to encourage her. She messed up an attempt at apologising and then accused Evelyn of being after him, but Evelyn told her it was Maddy that Josh loved.

She met up with Josh on the wharf and made up with him.

Maddy Osborne (Kassandra Clementi) - Home and Away Characters - Back to the Bay

When Roo returned home, Maddy told her she wanted to move in with Josh in a caravan but Roo refused. She stayed out with Josh to avoid Roo but returned home to find Roo unconscious and rushed her to hospital. She was annoyed when Alf and the others hid how serious Roo was from her, but when she realised how urgent it was to find where Roo had been she was the one who found her passport, allowing her to be given the correct anti-virals.

She met with Sophie to discuss improving her grades at school but instead was told she would have to repeat a year. Evelyn tried to deny it, but Josh admitted he had cheated. When Zac supported Evelyn, Maddy dropped out of school.

She then started spending time with Oscar, refusing to discuss her decision with Roo, and slept with him, leading to an awkward encounter with Evelyn the next morning. She was determined to find work and asked Spencer to put a word in for her at the gym.

Maddy and Oscar kiss and get together scene ep 6140

However, when she spoke to Casey she realised Roo had told him not to employ her and was furious. Casey then changed his mind and gave her the job. Her bubble was burst slight when Casey showed no interest in her ideas and she was left doing menial tasks but she was determined to stick at it. She made her peace with Oscar and, on learning he was being bullied at community services, kissed him in front of the other workers in an unsuccessful attempt to give him some street cred.

She was shocked when he then turned up at the gym in a dishevelled state and started exercising excessively. She took him out to lunch to try and talk to him about it but he remained silent. She went to see Hannah to tell her what was going on and also asked Andy to keep an eye on him. She spent an evening watching horror movies with Spencer, after which he asked her to get back with him. She ended up trading insults with Evelyn at the gym and was delighted to learn she and Josh had never slept together.

She began spending time with Josh and he confided in her about his problems with Andy. She was confused when Evelyn dragged Oscar away because of something that had happened with Josh and Casey. She comforted him and took him back to her place where he slept with her. She assumed it meant they were getting back together but instead he told her it was a mistake and not to tell Evelyn, turning her away when Evelyn later asked her to talk to him. When Roo refused to let her have a glass of champagne at the reception, she took a bottle and got drunk outside, getting into an argument with Roo.

She confided in Phoebe, who helped her hide the things he had bought, but when she lied to Oscar about having confessed he told Roo, who insisted Maddy pay back the money. She was rejected by Oscar when she kissed him and started looking up expensive dresses on the internet.

When she heard the gym was being sold and she could be out of a job, she stole from the petty cash and had items delivered to her at work.

Andy noticed the discrepancy and she admitted the truth; he agreed to keep quiet if she returned the money.

spencer and maddy home away dating in real life

Andy agreed to return the money himself and have her pay him back but he was caught and she was fired by Brax, having to confess to Roo. She considered getting another job but after spending the day working at the caravan park and finding a surprising confidante in Evelyn she decided to go back to school. When Maddy heard that she could do a bridging course to join her friends in Year 12, she went to a movie night with Oscar to celebrate but fainted.

At the hospital, she was told she was pregnant but left without having any further tests done. However, Oscar sent Josh to see her and she told him. She then told Alf but began to worry she would end up like her own parents. She told Josh not to quit school to support them, but when Roo told her she looked too far gone for Josh to be the father she refused to have an ultrasound to confirm it. She ended up rowing with Roo and Hannah over it but when Oscar offered to go with her she admitted the baby could be his.

She also admitted it to Alf but told him she was worried about losing Josh; she stopped Oscar telling him and suggested he keep quiet and let Josh think the baby was his, earning herself a serve from Evelyn.

When Oscar proved unhappy with the arrangement, she asked him to come round but instead he told Josh, who refused to have anything to do with Maddy until she had an ultrasound.

Roo returned and took Maddy for a scan, with Josh and Oscar waiting outside for the news, but instead Nate told her she was not pregnant. She had to break the news to Josh and Oscar but worse came when it turned out the false positive result had been caused by a mass on one of her ovaries. She had the ovary removed but when she went to get the results of a biopsy, with Alf, Roo and Spencer supporting her, she learned she had cancer. Her initial reaction was to run out of the hospital but when Oscar came round she told him what was going on and together they went back to see Nate, who advised her to start chemotherapy straightaway.

She delayed it, shutting herself away in her room making a scrapbook of her life. When Oscar tried to talk to her about it, she ordered him away but he came back and told her she was strong.

Nate warned her chemotherapy could leave her infertile and suggested she have a healthy part of her ovary removed and frozen. She felt awkward letting Oscar know the details but relied on him for support and was boosted by a visit from cancer survivors Irene and Marilyn. She avoided Josh but was pleased when Oscar bought her a teddy bear prior to the procedure.

When she finally spoke to Josh, they acknowledged they had once loved each other but she told him to move on. She went to hospital to start treatment but then ran away, leaving a farewell note for Oscar. She answered when Spencer called her phone but told him she was where she needed to be. Eventually Oscar found her in the city playing her violin in the rotunda. She refused to go home with him so he insisted on staying with her. She continued to ignore the reality of the situation even when they ran out of money and had to do a runner from a restaurant and sleep in the park.

She sold her violin to afford a hotel room for them but resisted attempts to get her to go home and delayed recharging their phones.

Oscar then received the news that Hannah might never walk again after being in a bus crash and decided he had to go home. Maddy initially refused to go with him but then turned up at the train station just as he was about to leave and admitted she was scared.

On her return, she agreed to have treatment. Alf, Roo, Marilyn and Spencer accompanied her to her first chemotherapy session but she was disappointed when Oscar was late because of bus troubles. Roo took her to hospital when she had a fever and she wondered why Oscar had been avoiding her.

When he came to see her and questioned if she was only spending time with him because she was sick, she kissed him. She told Roo they were together and assured Oscar that she loved him. She was delighted when Oscar arranged a candlelit dinner for them on the wharf but had a nose bleed straight after, resulting in Roo and Oscar going back to treating her as if she was fragile.

However, when Oscar told her she needed to plan for the future, she decided to go back to school.

Josh Barrett

She surprised Oscar by meeting him in her school uniform but on her first day she found herself behind and had to be taken home when she fell ill. Oscar then came to the house and broke up with her. She accepted his honesty but was reluctant to see him, so struggled with her catch-up assignments without his help. Roo arranged for Spencer to help out but Maddy still had a panic attack at the thought of going back to school.

Spencer convinced her to go but she felt humiliated when he argued with Oscar about the break-up in class. Maddy felt awkward around both Spencer and Oscar, only letting Alf and Roo support her as she continued with her appointments. The doctors wanted to discuss a different treatment with her but she chose to hang out with Evelyn instead; however, things got awkward when Oscar and Matt turned up and she left. Oscar tracked her down and revealed that the town was organising a Colour Run as a surprise to show her they supported her.

She invited Tanya to town for a visit before breaking the news. Roo left behind after hearing Alf was in hospital in the city. Oscar reminded her that family was more than blood and she told Tanya that Summer Bay was her home.

Chris was put out to find her and Irene watching romcoms and having manicures but they managed to put it aside and watch a Jackie Chan movie with him. She helped Matt smooth things over with Josh and Evelyn after his time in alcohol rehab and they began studying together. She enthusiastically welcomed Alf back to town but her bubbly behaviour caused him to snap.

She told Alf that his PTSD was the same as her cancer and neither of them were weak for seeking help. Evelyn convinced her to join her, Josh and Matt on a camping trip where she ended up having to share a tent with Matt.

After initially ignoring their calls, she went and blasted Josh and Evelyn, accusing them of only doing it because they felt sorry for her having cancer. However, she was touched when they surprised her at a chemo session with a study date. Nate told her the chemotherapy was working and she arranged a party with her friends at the house to celebrate.

She spent the evening chatting with Oscar and admitted to Roo that she still liked him. During a study date, Matt told her and Oscar that they had feelings for each other. Oscar got drunk and acted in an eccentric manner at a party; the next day, he apologised, saying he thought Maddy would like him better as a bad boy, but Maddy assured him she liked him how he was.

After talking it over, they decided to wait a while. When Matt made sarcastic remarks about their shows of affection, she offered to arrange blind date for him. When Matt deliberately messed up the blind date Maddy had organised, he admitted to her that there was someone else. She told Matt and also confided in Andy, encouraging Matt to be angry when Charlotte dumped him. She disappointed Oscar by announcing she intended to take a gap year and go travelling, but when she went to a uni open day she found herself drawn to nursing.

She took a soul mates quiz in a magazine with Oscar but he got all the answers wrong; however, she reassured him that she loved him. She was confused when Matt later used the incident and others to bully her; he apologised but refused to give an explanation. However, she forgave him when he arranged an Ed Sheeran concert to get Zac and Leah back together. Roo revealed James had invited her to move in with him and she wanted Maddy to join them; after talking it over with Oscar, Maddy agreed.

However, she heard James on the phone telling someone not to call him and was suspicious when she found he had two phones and when he kept putting off telling his parents about them, but before she could tell Roo James told her one of the phone was for business and his parents were coming to visit.

When James again made up an excuse for his parents not visiting, she searched his phone, but was mollified when she found a photo of an engagement ring and concluded he was going to propose.

However, she was hurt when they nearly got married without her. She was an enthusiastic confidante for Evelyn during her relationship with Tank. When Oscar claimed that was different, Maddy thought he was calling her easy but Matt reassured her and she and Oscar made up. Oscar threw a surprise party for her 18th; she was less delighted with the gold bracelet he bought her but wore it anyway.

Her support of Evelyn and Tank evaporated when Tank and his friends trashed the party. When she learned that James was married and Roo was still seeing him regardless, she tried to warn him off then decided to move back in with Alf.

She was the first to notice Evelyn had run away with Tank and bonded with Oscar over the people they thought were closest to them choosing someone else. She made up with Roo when she and James broke up. Ricky told her she could report him for sexual harassment and Roo and Matt encouraged her to do so but she accepted the explanation that he had family problems and decided to carry on working there.

She stopped Matt having a go at Charlotte and he admitted he had feelings for someone else; Maddy realised it was her. When she feared her cancer had returned, Matt accompanied her to hospital when she turned out to have an iron deficiency and they held hands a bit too long when they got the good news.

Despite this, she claimed to be keeping away from Matt. She joined the formal organisation committee run by Asia Chalker only for Matt to join as well. Oscar also joined and was annoyed that Matt and Maddy kept siding against Asia but afterwards he and Maddy made up and she agreed to go to the formal with him. However, when Matt said he was going to get over her by hooking up with other girls during schoolies week, she told him not to.

When he questioned her, she admitted she had feelings for him but said nothing could happen. However, she proceeded to spend most of a schoolies party with him and ignore Oscar, earning them both a rant from Asia, who called her a tease when she ended up on top of Matt during a limbo competition.

When Maddy managed to turn a discussion with Oscar about formal outfits into an argument, she admitted to Alf she was confused by her feelings. She went to see Matt to tell him her decision but before she could speak he told her he was going to back off.