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shaun and tanya dating

Sean and his business partners designed Vouch to bring your friends — both single and taken — back into the dating process. Your social. shopping date, and most recently, Tracey was seen trying to keep a low-profile at a hotel in Bali with Sean Thomsen — while her “husband”. Sunrise's Samantha Armytage has slammed claims she's romantically linked to Channel Seven colleagues Peter Fegan and Shaun White.

Max confirms this so Tanya ejects Max from the house saying their relationship is over for good, and she celebrates the break-up. She does not cope though, and is nearly drawn back to Max.

She decides that to resist temptation she must leave Walford, and Max is deeply disappointed. She returns a few weeks later to find Max, Kirsty, Abi and Lauren having a meal together and laughing.

Lauren continues to drink but Tanya refuses to believe she is addicted until she keeps Lauren in the house and she reveals that she has been sipping vodka from a water bottle. Tanya locks Lauren in the house but she escapes through the upstairs window. Later, Lauren gets drunk on a night out and leaves with a stranger; she does not return the next morning.

Eventually, when she does come back, her skin and eyes are yellow and she collapses in pain. She is taken to hospital where Tanya and Max are told she is an alcoholic, has alcoholic hepatitisand one more drink could kill her.

The doctor suggests that the best treatment for Lauren is residential care.

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Later, Lauren tells her family that she cannot stand her parents' constant arguing, so Tanya decides to take Lauren, Abi and Oscar to Exeter, where Lauren can get help for her alcoholism. Abi refuses to leave so Tanya leaves Walford with Lauren and Oscar in a taxi, after telling a heartbroken Max she will always love him.

In JanuaryTanya's friend, Jane Beale Laurie Brettreveals to Max that Tanya is now in a relationship, with a man named Tim and that they are planning on getting engaged. During the conversation, she reveals that she is taking part in a fashion course in Manchester and asks Max if Oscar can move in with him for a while, as he would be stuck with a nanny most of the time if he went with her, due to Tanya's commitment to the course.

Before leaving, Tanya admits that she was thinking of rebuilding her relationship with Max, but Jane assures her that that would have been one of the biggest mistakes of her life.

Max is falsely accused of the murder of Lucy in July and after he is arrested, Oscar is sent back to live with Tanya, who denies Max any contact with his son although Max is later released after Bobby Beale Eliot Carrington confesses to the crime. Tanya goes to collect Abi and confronts Max over his recent behaviour and is disgusted that Max and Stacey have resumed their affair. Abi overhears this and tells Lauren.

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Max agrees to come down but Lauren and Abi slip and fall off the roof. Tanya accompanies them to the hospital, where Lauren undergoes surgery whilst Abi has a CT scan. Tanya initially accepts Max's comfort but then pushes him away.

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They are then told that Abi has suffered critical brain damage and remains in a coma. Tanya is devastated and leaves the hospital in tears. A few days later, she plans to visit Lauren and Abi with Cora, but Cora comes alone and slaps Max, blaming him for his daughters' injuries. She later learns that Abi is brain-dead and that she will never recover. Tanya avoids being around Max in the hospital and when Abi's life support is due to be withdrawn, Max asks if it can be withdrawn at Abi's time of birth.

Cora tells Max that Tanya does not want him present. Max finds Tanya in the hospital's chapel, who is angry with Max that Abi has to die because of him, and agrees to stay away. At the last minute, however, Tanya requests Max to be there when the life support is withdrawn. Before Abi's funeral, Tanya's friends talk about her being unable to attend the funeral as she has had a nervous breakdown.

Lauren lies to Max that the funeral has already taken place, but later admits that Tanya does not want him there. On the day of the funeral, Cora yells at Max, urging him to stay away as he has done enough damage to his family, and mentions that she had to sedate a grief-stricken Tanya to get her into the car to go to the funeral.

shaun and tanya dating

Tanya arrives at the church with Cora, but is unable to get out and tells Lauren that she feels like she has failed as a mother. Lauren reassures Tanya it is fine for her to miss the service as Abi loved her and at the end; Tanya says goodbye to Lauren. Months later, it emerged from Cora that Tanya had to be committed to a psychiatric hospital because of the increasing trauma of losing Abi. Casting[ edit ] In early reports of the character's arrival, her name was spelt Tania.

This was later changed on the official BBC website. I said no originally. Playing someone in a soap is a big responsibility.

Sean Slater

People are very protective of the soap and if you are rubbish you can't get away from it. I do love playing Tanya, but it is very different to the roles I had before EastEnders.

I'd like to see a bit more of her feisty side. She was quite hard in her past and it would have been fun to have that side come out. Tanya has a really naughty side. When she was young she was a lot like Stacey Slater. That hasn't really come out yet but she definitely has it in her. The show's executive producer Diederick Santer revealed that some planned storyline material for Max and Tanya was put on hold until Joyner's return from maternity leave.

Max was the love of her life, but his affair with Stacey destroyed their marriage, and nearly destroyed her. Though she's had dalliances with Sean Slater, Jack Branning and even went up the aisle with Greg Jessop, it's Max she always goes back to. Tanya may be one of Walford's most loving mums, but she also has a wild side.

So she's wise to any and all of the tricks pulled by her rebellious daughter, Lauren — she pulled them herself when she was the same age.

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Joyner confirmed that she wants sparks to fly between her character and estranged husband Max. I think she's been a little bit calm and a little bit mumsy lately and I think if she's been away from Max for a while, she needs to come back with a bit more fight about her and have him on his knees a bit. It's full on but it's just been a whirlwind. I've just been so lucky.

Speaking of when she first heard about the burial idea, the actress admitted: I heard about the theory and I thought 'how are you going to get me there? She's not a killer! However, at the time it was unconfirmed whether they would actually marry, meaning that the couple's future would hang in the balance until the time of broadcast. Joyner said that it is a privilege to be given any sort of serious storyline and a real responsibility.

She remembers her mum looking at her dad with pity [when he was ill] and she'd hate that happening to her.

shaun and tanya dating

She has some serious thinking to do about her future now. The trust received extra calls following Tanya's diagnosis. He added that she was "really hungry to learn, to understand what the impact was, and she felt a responsibility to get this right" [18] Joyner stated that she "feels grateful" to be in a cervical cancer storyline.

She told Soaplife magazine: Roxy and Sean split up, and Gus reveals to the Slaters that Sean is involved in drugs. When Roxy reveals that she is pregnant, Sean assumes that he is the father, unaware of her one night stand with Jack Branning Scott Maslen.

He offers to support her but Roxy refuses his offer and returns to Ibiza. Archie encourages Roxy to stay in Weymouth with him but her sister Ronnie Mitchell Samantha Womack and Sean persuade her to return to Walford, and she moves in with him.

Ronnie disapproves of Roxy and Sean's relationship as she suspects him of selling drugs, but comes round after they get married in August. Sean has a difficult relationship with Roxy's father, Archie, and is unhappy about accepting his money for a deposit on a flat. In Novemberwhen Roxy goes into premature labour, Archie pretends to call Sean but doesn't so he misses the birth of Amy. In DecemberJack asks Roxy for a paternity test. She receives the results and hides them away, however Archie finds them and makes a copy.

Sean is devastated and attacks Jack, Amy's biological father, then goes on the rampage, kidnapping Amy. Sean soon returns himself, and convinces Roxy to leave with him and Amy but she is scared and calls Ronnie so she and Jack follow them.

Sean drives them to an icy lake, intending to drive into the water and drown as a family. Roxy escapes but cannot get Amy out so when she sees Ronnie and Jack arrive, Roxy coaxes Sean out onto the ice so they can rescue Amy. With Ronnie and Jack watching, the ice breaks and Sean and Roxy go under.

Sean frees Roxy from the weeds that she has got entangled in as Ronnie dives into the water to rescue her. Roxy and Ronnie escape safely but there is no sign of Sean. Roxy then sees Sean crawling out of the water whilst Ronnie and Jack are warming up back at the car. She signals him to leave and Sean walks away.

In MayStacey makes a videocall to Sean via Skypehowever, while he does not appear on-screen, he reminds her to take care of her mystery key due to its link to their father. When Jean reacts badly upon seeing her with the key, Stacey attempts to find out what the key represents, but Jean catches her and, unwilling to tell her the truth other than Sean apparently could not trust her with it, seemingly throws it down the toilet.

However, after Stacey leaves, it is revealed that Jean still has the key. She returns the key to Stacey four months later, revealing that it unlocks a safety deposit box in which Brian left Stacey and Sean some information about his other family, but Sean took the key from Jean after Brian's death before she could give it to Stacey when she turned Creation[ edit ] Sean was created as an addition to the soap's existing Slater family - comprised initially of sister Stacey Slater and mother Jean Slater.

He was first mentioned on 9 December when his sister, Stacey, unfolded a family picture to reveal a fourth member Sean. Kazinsky said of his casting: The reason he challenges the alpha male characters in the Square is that he wants a father figure.

He wants someone who can basically run him into the ground, then take him under his wing. He does the things he does because he just wants someone to help him. I think that unconsciously he wants to pay homage to his dad Brian by being the father that he was.

And stepping into Max's shoes and taking over his family would have helped him to do that. It's all to do with the guilt he felt over killing his father which is silly really.