Paula and simon dating 2011

Are Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul Dating?

paula and simon dating 2011

Paula lost her virginity to Simon when they were teenagers (Image: PA). One of the Mezhgan Hussainy (Cowell years - ). Now this. July 21, by Beth Douglass All we know is that Simon and Paula are back this fall to judge The X Factor, and we can't wait to see what kooky things. Monday brought the shocking news that Paula Abdul had been fired from "The TV equivalent of a being broken up with by a bad boyfriend via Post-It). X Factor's" first taping at Los Angeles's Galen Center on May 8,

Share Monday brought the shocking news that Paula Abdul had been fired from "The X Factor" by her old "friend" Simon Cowell-- according to TMZvia a lawyer's letter, with no personal communication from Simon himself sort of the reality TV equivalent of a being broken up with by a bad boyfriend via Post-It.

But Paula is taking the high road. Refusing to bad-mouth her former boss, Paula tweeted a characteristically sweet statement Tuesday, saying: This truly has been a blessing and I am most grateful.

Simon Cowell 'didn't like' Paula Abdul on American Idol - BBC Newsbeat

We had a lot of fun making the show together and importantly, we found some real talent and stars. You do develop friendships with the people you work with and Paula, in particular, is a very close friend and I expect to be working with her on another project in the near future.

I'm sure all three are going to have massive success in what they do next, but now is the time to thank them all for everything they did last year. Cheryl, a longtime "X Factor U. Despite Paula's rationalization that "business decisions often times override personal considerations," Simon's dumping of America's sweetheart after hyping the "Saula" reunion so aggressively throughout "X Factor" Season presumably because the classic "Idol" duo failed to bring in classic "Idol"-esque ratings--seemed like a cutthroat move, considering Simon and Paula's long relationship.

Simon Cowell & Paula Abdul: It’s Complicated

But of course, theirs has always been a complicated relationship. According to an interview Simon did with Barbara Walters on her "Most Fascinating People" special last year, "The truth was, on the first two seasons, we couldn't travel on the same plane together.

We really disliked each other that much.

paula and simon dating 2011

Simon, egomaniac that he is, of course claimed he and Paula's friction was a sexual one, because Paula supposedly fancied him and he'd rebuffed her. Simon somewhat ickily admitted to Barbara that he'd considered sleeping with Paula, "But then I thought, I don't think the after would be as good as the before.

paula and simon dating 2011

Simon was really important to me because he stopped them picking on me. Louise Payne Cowell years - This might not have been the best dress to turn up in for your dinner date, Louise Image: He apparently approached her after spotting her at a swanky London shindig and was completely smitten for yonks.

Reportedly it all ended when she told him she wanted kids and he wasn't ready. Sinitta Cowell year Sinitta - still Simon's right hand gal Image: Getty Probably Simon's most famous ex, Sinitta dumped him when she embarked on an affair with David Essex.

Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul share intimate moment during US X Factor

They're still mates though standard and she's even wrangled herself some regular guest-mentoring gigs on X Factor. She can't sing, but she can Tim Anderson Page 3 girl and lap dancer Georgina sold a kiss and tell story about her relationship with Simon with Simon's blessing.

This was before Pop Idol so he wasn't famous. He is a lovely man and we had a casual relationship for about six months.

Simon asked Paula on a date!

We weren't proper boyfriend or girlfriend, but we'd see each other regularly. We find an awful lot to laugh about, but she'll never be a Pop Idol.

If you've heard her sing in the shower you'll know what I mean. But she has tremendous talents in other areas.

Photos! Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul's Weird Relationship

Getty One of a trio of Simon's exes that have remained friends with the media mogul. He's been known to take the ex-page 3 model on holiday with him and whoever his latest girlfriend is at the time.

paula and simon dating 2011

Getty His longest ever relationship was with telly presenter Terri Seymour - they were shacked up together for a whopping seven years before she dumped him. They've remained friends though and she too has been seen gallivanting about with him on some of his numerous holidays. She said in an interview in"We do still speak every day.

paula and simon dating 2011

Actually we'll often speak to each other five, even 10 times a day. And when Simon is in LA we see each other daily.