Metes and bounds plotter online dating

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metes and bounds plotter online dating

Under Select Map Date (in the upper-right corner of the screen), type in the date that interests you. Software (, and Metes and Bounds, For an online way to plot a boundary, see Plat Plotter at. Maps dated from to covering land use, feature names, the locations of natural Converts deed 'metes-and-bounds' into a Plat of Survey for use with digital maps and GPS devices. like Google Earth, GPS devices, online printing services or shared with others. Plotting Land With Google Earth Part 1 (YouTube) . convert deed 'metes-and-bounds' into a plat of survey that can be viewed online, imported into a mapping program, loaded into a GPS device, and shared.

These are no problem for DeedMapper!

metes and bounds plotter online dating

Many different measurement units and survey methods are supported. Partial plots are created when deed descriptions are incomplete. And parcels can even be rotated to compensate for magnetic compass errors.

metes and bounds plotter online dating

Once you've entered the survey information for your parcels, drag them and drop them onto our optional background maps of your research area, or use your own background map image, e. Read more about background maps here. You can easily control parcel appearance, including line color and thickness, font size and color, and fill color.

Plat Plotter Quick Start

The program contains a number of features to aid in deed analysis. Find neighboring plots by searching your deed file for deeds containing any phrase you want. Filter your view to show only those deeds meeting certain criteria. Show land ownership as of a particular date. Use the Table View as a kind of grantor-grantee index of your deeds.

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Sort by name, date, etc. Once your project is done you can output your work in a variety of ways.

metes and bounds plotter online dating

Print it at any scale you choose. View in Google Earth.

metes and bounds plotter online dating

Examples of valid angles are N05E, n5e, S The only exception to the above rule is that for due North, East, Northwest, etc. All deed calls must contain a space after the angle, followed by a valid distance. A valid distance is simply a number followed by a unit.

Metes & Bounds on Google Earth by James Tanner

If no unit is given, feet are assumed. The number may have a decimal point, but it is not required. Examples of valid distances are f, F, If your deed gives fractions in its calls, you must manually convert these fractions to decimal representations, e. If your deed gives feet and inches in its calls, you must manually convert the inches to decimals of feet, e.

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The closure will always be drawn in red on the plot. Selecting the "Show labels" box will show simple labels on the deed calls.

Plat Plotter Quick Start Guide

This can help you identify a problem call. A small box is printed at the origin of the tract point of beginning.

metes and bounds plotter online dating

Tract Plotter rounds results based on the accuracy of the plot using percent error of the perimeter. In the case that you want to view more significant digits with the knowledge that your results may have artificially inflated precisionyou can check the "Show Full Precision" box.

These calls will show up as blue lines on the plot and will not be included in the area or perimeter calculations.