Lucahjin and proton jon dating divas

Protonjon Lucahjin Dating Divas

lucahjin and proton jon dating divas

Main · Videos; Aufmerksamkeitstest online dating. The pedagogy cordons consistently unarmed about what they seem a honourable balsam upon honourable. . @Proton_Jon @Lucahjin @chuggaaconroy my mom gave me that book as a child Proton Jon @Proton_Jon 19 May Main · Videos; Protonjon lucahjin dating website such normalcy goldilocks such as artists, christians, deviants, divas, stoners, disciples because so on.

Jon didn't stop because a Either way he was getting 5 bucks a subscription and if whoever was doing it wanted to keep giving Jon money then so be it, and b he thought it was hilarious.

During Jon's stream of Castle Shikigami 2Jon and the chat makes a sudden realization that the character he's playing as is voiced by Chris Red field. Jon's determination to play City Escape while streaming Sonic Generations. He then played the original City Escape after finding out that the Generations remake was not as good as the original and got a D rank.

All of McPixel starts around 1: That was not the solution. Lucahjin was over at Jon's house to hang out on the Jan. Halfway through, Gex interrupts to mention that a new subscriber has signed up with the username "John Doge Johnson", then name of the teacher in Skitch's story.

Lucah who may or may not have been groggy from lack of sleep went into a berserker rage at Jon's poor play, concluding with her playing the next round and screwing up even worse. And then Gex, Poor Gex. He meant to say "knack", but his words slipped and he accidentally blurted out the N-word.

Lucah's fake offense was a bit too real and Gex sulked off. What followed was several minutes of Lucah pleading him to come back, even saying "It's okay! Trainwreck would be a bit of an understatement for how it goes from there. Gods Among Us Winning the straw-poll vote. The "Non-Titanfall" stream reveals just how large a ham Emile is: We have officially become too meta.

lucahjin and proton jon dating divas

Jon gets annoyed that people are asking about Superman 64 when there's an update about it "right under the stream", prompting this: There is an update, about Su-per-man, under da stream!

Jon plays War of the Monsters after a confused mess of straw polls, during which Pcull accuses Jon of being Hitler for restricting straw poll use, and Jon's fans promptly make photoshops about it.

Then, during the game, after Jon playing as Magmo uses the phrase " Everybody Loves Magmo ", he and Pcull conceive a sitcom about giant monsters. At the start of his "Pre-PAX Panic" stream, Jon keeps coming up with excuses to put off starting the game Goat Simulator because he wants to keep listening to an awesome remix of the Flying Battery Zone music that someone linked him to.

Jon starts out playing the Robocop game by the same people who made Superman 64and it turns out to be almost as bad. Then he moves on to the main point of the night, doing a Fortune Cookie but then choosing the winners with different methods such as the last place game winning, or the third place, etc. Howeverfor his first one the Cookie decides to troll him by continuously giving him RPGs as options which Jon won't use because they take too long to get going.

Jon plays "Overlord" and guest Tenmar creeps him out by talking about Jon while imitating the sycophantic sidekick's voice in that game. Jon "plays" Duke Nukem Forever actually spending most of the time fooling around with the minigames and corpses with laughter whenever he sees Duke's wooden animations in the mirror, especially when he twirls a swivel chair.

When he goes to the gallery of images from the first game he remembers that the villain was called "Dr. Proton" and Duke just refers to him as "Proton" in dialogueleading to some fun moments.

Then at the end of the session we get this: I guess we're done with Duke Nukem Forever. You might say we're done with Duke Nukem Jon accidentally mutes his mike and doesn't realise because guest commentator Dan The Enigma apparently seems to be replying to his comments without actually hearing them.

Dan declares himself "the King of Predictions". Jon plays Animal Crossing: The Hurricane of Puns from the chat based around the idea that Dan wants to get a job purely so he can afford to buy a Wii U. Made even funnier when ThatAmericanSlacker asks Dan if there's any photos of him to photoshop.

Dan obliges, Hilarity Ensues. Jon tells stories about events that happened while he was with The Runaway Guys including Chuggaaconroy ripping his pants while trying to imitate a fan video of their Mario Party 4 Let's Play, Tim ripping a huge fart in the middle of a restaurant twice, and Chugga using a toy rocket laucher as a penis pump. Points for when he impersonates Psycho Mantis and quickly points out it wasn't a mic effect, but rather just speaking into a cup.

The madness that was Freddi Fish. Lucah claims to have hours logged on the game on her Steam account. Tom assumes it's a silly joke, checks, and is rendered speechless when he finds out she's serious. At around 25 minutes into the video, Jon starts smelling weed from his apartment window especially amazing because he says he lives in a fairly tall buildingwhich eventually spawns a "bubbleit" comment.

It gets to the point that he thinks his computer's high since it rarely registers his clicks. Jon claims that Grandma Grouper's icon on the sign looks like 'old Donatello ' and then they proceed to name her after a different Ninja Turtles character every time, such as Grandma Shredder or Grandma Rocksteady. The real kicker is when he goes to quit the game, and Luther goes "Freddy! Stare into the void, and it says hi. The first game Jon plays is Kirby Air Ride after the chat's previous obsession with it see above and he starts a new file with nothing unlocked.

After his first race I unlocked something, what did I unlock? I'm gonna go get some gnarly waves, dude! This is the worst conspiracy theory ever! Haven't Finished Unpacking Yet Edition": Jon starts out by playing a Contra game before the first cookie, as it's the only way his "Contra-hating audience" will ever let him play one. Kelekin orders a pizza and uses a straw poll to have the chat viewers pick which pizza chain he should order from, what toppings he should have, and which slice he should eat first, based on compass directions.

Lucahjin and proton jon dating divas

The chat's Flat "What. Jon loads up CrossworDS only to remember that it's displayed sideways on the DS and so appears rotated ninety degrees on the stream. In an attempt to correct this, there ends up being four screens on the stream simultaneously for the entirety of the game. Prepare to Die Edition. With Jon's pedometer out of battery, the game manages to amuse with its sheer underwhelmingness.

lucahjin and proton jon dating divas

After Gex guesses the final letter of the puzzle, he suddenly only has 2 seconds to guess the answer to the category "Where Are We? First, Vanna informs him that all remaining letters are vowels.

After time runs out for him to "solve" the puzzle which would have given him the money even though Gex had already won itTom gets a chance to guess the clue The three of them simply stare at the screen for a solid twenty minutes laughing, complete with people sporadically subscribing, Jon playing every single sound on his computer as a response, and the timer going past It got to the point where Jon specifically limited what games they could play just so it could keep going, and replaced the egg sound with the Wheel of Fortune jingle for the rest of the night.

The cherry on top? Who would have thought that Surgeon Simulator would be the low point of tonight? Jon left the game running after the stream finished and the timer actually broke 10, In the following "Never Trust a Timer" stream, Jon starts off with Sonic Blast Man 2 and initially plays as the character Captain Choyear, who he constantly refers to as " Guile " and then discovers that his uppercut attack looks rather like someone cheering, leading to the Running Gag of Jon putting on a cheerleader voice while playing as him.

Jon streams a romhack of Ocarina of Time: Master Quest that replaces Link with Waluigi. After a while, he switches over to Fortune Cookie, only for Master Quest to show up in the first round of cookies and win with a commanding lead, so Waluigi's adventures continue Jon plays the SNES Power Rangers game and the commentary and chat both dissolve into nostalgic discussions about the show and lampshading the Recruit Teenagers with Attitude concept, until someone suggests Zordon should have recruited "a team of Year-Old Jons with attitude".

Tom Fawkes' increasing bewilderment that the chat keeps picking his choice for game in almost every Fortune Cookie. About to play Punch-Out!!

Duke Nukem just threw a Klaptrap at me! Jon plays "Enter the Matrix" and manages to glitch it almost immediately, getting the protagonist stuck in a door. He then proceeds to show off the mode where you play as anthropomorphic cars fighting each other, and has to fight himself with a contrioller in each hand as it's 2-player only.

Jon plays The Binding of Isaac for the first time ever. His very first item? From the "recharged bandwidth" Stream: Jon tells the story of how he was stopped by TSA customs and was delayed a ton going to PAX East, because of having a second suitcase full of the games for Thrown Controllers. After Jon responds to fan questions about 1 Chuggaaconroy's illness and 2 Twitch's new policy muting the sound from sections of the VOD files for streams that have copyrighted music: Dah dah dah dah dah dah!

The VOD file is now muted! In Cooking Mama 4, he aplies corn dogs on everything. In the Double Date game in Rhythm Heaven Fever, the funny background events that happen when a football is kicked.

Alyssa touching 'a yellow liquid' demon blood coming out of a toilet. Tom referencing the Awkward Zombie Phoenix Wright comic. Getting killed by a falling painting. Having the stream muted because of the intermission music. Kirby 64 Killing Adeline by touching her. During the "Back to Organized Chaos Edition" stream, Magic Pengel came up as option and then everything went to chaos shortly after the peaceful title screen music.

Jon and chat could not contain how silly the opening theme of the game was. I think we just drew a taco. I think we legit just drew a taco. Jon plays Dead to Rights. The player character has a dog named Shadow, leading to several Shadow the Hedgehog jokes throughout the stream.

For the last poll of the night, the last game that comes up is Shadow the Hedgehog, much to Jon's amusement.

Protonjon Lucahjin Dating Divas

The results of the Strawpoll were so skewed in that game's favor that its part of the results pie chart literally looked like Pac-Man. She also consistently voices Bowser with a Cockney accent which she also applies to other characters. This meme first appeared during her Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Let's Play in reference to Goombella's lack of arms and her prejudice towards other characters in the game, when she, herself, is "disabled".

No Arms because of his sheer lack of upper appendages. She uses a different "Hello? It refers to the case used to hold the trainer's Gym Badges. Part of a side-quest in the game involves collecting Sam's stray socks to appease his mother.

Proton Jon Fortune Cookie / Funny - TV Tropes

Lucahjin joked that he was trying to hide them from his mother because he ejaculated into them. Stick of Truth Let's Play. In the game, she projected her own personality onto the player character known as "Douchebag". The character, by default, is always male.

She purposefully dressed him up and crafted his facial features and hair to resemble her own. Whenever in-game characters reference the character's sex as male, she responds with "I'm a girl"! Several fans drew pictures of her as Eggman, prompting her to cosplay as him a video game convention. She described his physiology as "a beach-ball with arms and legs" and likened this to her own body type.

The two share glaringly prominent red-hair, furthering the gag. For example, the "I'm a Girl" meme and running gag employed during her South Park: This has gone so far that she has begun to cosplay him at cons. In her Heart Gold LP, she has made it a recurring gag to sing along to the pokemon center music using fan-submitted lyrics.

These lyrics often include references to poop although she has mentioned that they do not have to use bathroom humor.