Electronic transactions and code set standards dating

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electronic transactions and code set standards dating

Entitled "Health Insurance Reform: Standards for Electronic Transactions; Announcement of Designated Standard Maintenance Organizations; Final Rule and. We are 1 month from compliance date. No more delays done electronically HIPAA standard transaction and code sets must be used by all covered entities. Electronic Transaction & Code Set Standard Requirements: codes are there for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for transmission of health care date? ten.

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Has the organization contacted third party vendors and clearinghouses to ensure readiness to implement the HIPAA electronic transaction standards? Has the organization contacted software vendors to ensure any upgrades in current software will include compliance with HIPAA electronic transaction standards?

electronic transactions and code set standards dating

Has the organization included the implementation of Versions and D. What are the compliance dates? Effective January 1,providers must be fully prepared to submit their health care transactions and pharmacy claims electronically using the transaction enhancements in Versions and D. In the first phase, covered entities must conduct internal testing to ensure that the organization can create and receive compliant transactions with the updated electronic standards by December 31, The second phase consists of external testing.

electronic transactions and code set standards dating

During this phase covered entities should conduct external testing with respective trading partners by December 31, It is important to note that Versions and D. Is your organization prepared?

electronic transactions and code set standards dating

Therefore, similar to the federal government, health care organizations should be currently working towards the transition to the new HIPAA electronic transaction standards.

Perform end-to-end testing with each payer or health plan with which you have a contract. This is an important step; the sooner you take it, the better. It is the only way you can really ascertain that all the components along the electronic transaction pathway are ready to go. Since each plan or payer may implement the new HIPAA standards in a slightly different manner, it is not sufficient to simply do generic testing at the clearing-house or vendor level i.

If your practice has done its part to assure that claims information is formatted in the new HIPAA-required standard, health plans cannot reject or delay your claims on the basis of format errors.

A health plan that knowingly does so can be fined or penalized. If you believe a health plan is doing this, you are entitled to file a complaint and you should do so.

HIPAA update: standards for health care electronic transactions finalized.

Complaints may be made online at www. The AAFP will help you locate responsible vendors as well as suggest pricing options and criteria to consider e. Simply send an e-mail message to me at dkibbe aafp. The AAFP HIPAA Web site has a number of resources to help you prepare your practice for implementing the transactions and code sets standards, including a how-to guide and a practice management and billing system vendor directory.

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BlueCross BlueShield Association bcbshealthissues. This Web site offers access to the final rule published in the Federal Register as well as educational materials, FAQs and the latest information on the administration simplification provisions.

Claims delays and rejections are likely to increase after the Oct. I advise you to work closely with your office manager to monitor claims status in October and November.

electronic transactions and code set standards dating

The articles are accessible from the FPM Web site at https: Keep your fingers crossed.