Dragon ball z trunks kills 17 and 18 dating

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Discussion in 'Dragon Ball' started by mattdyer0, Jan 3, Date Posted: Jan 3, #1 . 17 and 18 were on a world-wide rampage not exactly an ideal time and place to build an intergalactic .. But if the Androids killed the Z fighters before there was a chance to do anything, they could just contact Bulma and. The fourth season of the Dragon Ball Z anime series comprises the Garlic Junior, Trunks, and Furious, Gohan easily kills both Salt and Mustard with his powerful Masenko. But as the . The insane scientist fires an energy blast as a smokescreen so he can escape to activate Androids 17 and 18 which sends Bulma flying. Its original American air date was December 29, Future Android 18 is destroyed and Future Trunks kills Future Android 17 with ease. . His timeline continued in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road, where he encounters.

Come Out and Play, Vegeta! While the Saiyan prince manages to get in a few good blows, ultimately Recoome doesn't seem to be suffering any damage. Gohan and Krillin enter battle after Vegeta becomes too badly injured to continue fighting, but quickly find themselves similarly beaten and outclassed by the hulking Ginyu Force member.

Elsewhere, Frieza attempts to use the Dragon Balls but nothing happens, prompting him to leave Ginyu to guard the balls while he himself goes to look for Namekians to tell him how to activate the Dragon Balls so he can use a wish to become immortal. Take Down the Ginyu Force! Recoome, charging up a deadly attack, is defeated by a single blow from Goku.

Jeice and Burter leap into battle trying a variety of techniques - none of which have the least bit of effect on Goku. Burter is knocked out by a few swift attacks from Goku, as Jeice stares in awe at his latest opponent - having never faced someone so powerful.

Vegeta comes to suspect that Goku has become the first "Super Saiyan" in over 1, years, but has difficulty accepting the idea that a "low-class" Saiyan like Goku could become a Super Saiyan more easily than an "elite-class" warrior like himself. Jeice flees to Captain Ginyu and tells him what has happened. Meanwhile, Vegeta kills Burter and then Recoome. Also, Krillin and Gohan realize that Frieza is heading towards the Grand Elder in order to obtain the password to summon the Namekian Dragon.

Shortly after this, Ginyu and Jeice arrive to battle Goku. Goku tells Krillin and Gohan to leave. Vegeta tricks Goku and flies away, leaving Goku to fight alone. Goku and Captain Ginyu fight, and after a while Ginyu asks Goku to release his true power. Goku abides and begins to power up via the Kaio-ken.

There's a Secret Plan in the Shaking Ginyu!? The captain can do nothing but tremble in fear at his more powerful opponent.

dragon ball z trunks kills 17 and 18 dating

The Grand Elder unlocks Dende's hidden powers and sends him off to meet the Earthlings - the Elder has realized the Earth warriors do not know how to use the Namekian Dragon Balls - and Nail begins battling Frieza to stall for time while Dende travels. Frieza is shocked that Nail has a power level of 42, though he states that his power level in his current form isFrieza decides to use only one-tenth of his power only only one arm to fight Nail. While Frieza is clearly the stronger of the two, he is surprised at Nail's ability to regenerate lost limbs.

Gohan and Krillin rescue Bulma from a dinosaur attack, and take the dragon radar to find where Frieza stashed the Dragon Balls. As the episode ends, Ginyu makes the strange move of wounding himself, and firing a strange beam at Goku.

Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku?! Goku is now trapped in Ginyu's wounded body. Krillin and Gohan arrive at Frieza's ship and dig up the Dragon Balls. Ginyu, in Goku's body, and Jeice arrive back at the ship as well, but when Ginyu tries to power up his level is only 23, far less than thelevel Goku had before the body switch. Realizing that great strength requires unity of mind and body, Goku in Ginyu's body arrives and shouts to Krillin and Gohan that they can easily defeat Ginyu.

Vegeta boasts that he is close to becoming a Super Saiyan, before killing Jeice. Vegeta effortlessly pummels Ginyu, and an attempt by Ginyu to switch into Vegeta's body is thwarted by Goku, who intercepts the beam, sending Ginyu and Goku back to their respective original bodies.

Ginyu tries again to switch with Vegeta, but Goku, although wounded by Krillin and Gohan attacking his body when it was taken over by Ginyu, throws a Namekian frog into the path, resulting in Ginyu switching into the frog's body. Goku convinces Vegeta to let Ginyu go, and Vegeta does so, enjoying Ginyu's humiliation. With the Ginyu Force completely defeated, Vegeta places Goku in a rejuvenation chamber inside Frieza's spaceship, and gives battle armor to Krillin and Gohan.

Krillin leaves to find the Grand Elder to learn the appropriate summoning ritual for the Namekian Dragon Balls. Krillin meets up with Dende on the way over, as Dende had been heading for the Earth team already.

It is revealed that the summoning has to be done in the Namekian language, so Dende will act as the translator to summon the dragon and request the wishes. Meanwhile, Nail continues to fight Frieza to stall for the time needed for Dende to reach Krillin and Gohan. Nail eventually reveals this to Frieza after realizing he will never last if he continues; the enraged tyrant immediately charges back towards his spaceship to try to regain control of the Dragon Balls.

Krillin, Gohan, and Dende take advantage of the fact that Vegeta is napping, and take the Dragon Balls away from the ship and successfully summon Porungathe Eternal Dragon of Namek. Please Grant Our Wish! Mighty Porunga, Grant Our Wish! Negai o Kanae Tamae! After consulting with their dead friends via King Kai's telepathic abilities, they use the first wish to revive Piccolo, which also brings Kami and the Earth's Dragon Balls back.

They then use the second wish to teleport Piccolo to Namek so he can assist them in their fight with Frieza, but they are not specific enough in their wish; as a result Piccolo is indeed transported to Namek, but ends up quite a distance away from his friends and the imminent battle with Frieza. At this point Vegeta awakens and learns he's been duped, and speeds angrily to where Porunga is hovering over Namek. He is about to attack Krillin and Gohan until they tell him there is still one wish left; after some debate, they decide to let Vegeta use the wish to become immortal, as it seems to be the only possible way to defeat Frieza.

Dende speaks the wish, but just before it can be granted, the Grand Elder dies and the Namekian Dragon Balls become useless; Porunga disintegrates and the balls turn into plain stone. Just as Vegeta thinks his luck couldn't get any worse, Frieza finally arrives, and is not happy at all that his own plans for immortality have been thwarted. Frieza's Power Level-One Million?! Piccolo arrives on Planet Namek, following being resurrected and wished there.

He begins rushing towards the battlefield, and along the way encounters an ailing Nail, on the brink of death. Piccolo reluctantly performs a Namekian fusion with Nail, which increases his power substantially, and begins rushing back to the battlefield. Meanwhile, Frieza attacks the Earthlings with energy blasts, before charging towards Vegeta, after he mocks Frieza.

Both Frieza and Vegeta struggle against each other while powering up, though it turns out that they are both evenly matched, much to Frieza's shock. After battling Vegeta in his first form, Frieza transforms to his second form following some goading from Vegeta - and this increases the tyrant's power level to over a million. With his increased power, Frieza easily destroys most of the island they are standing on, before charging at Krillin in the air, impaling him on one of his horns.

Gohan rushes to rescue his friend, but his path is blocked by the tyrant.

dragon ball z trunks kills 17 and 18 dating

Gohan's rage from seeing a friend in pain gets the better of him, and he immediately starts attacking Frieza and overpowers him, much to Vegeta's surprise; Vegeta had never seen how strong emotion dramatically increases Gohan's power levels. As Gohan knocks Frieza out of the air and attacks him with energy blasts, Dende saves Krillin from drowning and heals him - this was one of his hidden powers that the Grand Elder had unlocked.

Frieza charges towards Gohan to get his revenge, only to be blasted in the back by Vegeta - which, to the Saiyan prince's disappointment, does absolutely nothing. Frieza begins thrashing Gohan, but he is rescued by the healed Krillin, who cuts off Frieza's tail and distracts the tyrant with numerous attacks and escapades - buying just enough time for Dende to heal Gohan.

It becomes clear that Frieza outclasses them all, so the three warriors begin blasting him with everything they've got. Once again, it has no effect, but as they are about to charge him in their moment of desperation, Piccolo finally arrives on the battlefield, announcing that he will be the one to win the battle.

The two exchange blows pretty evenly for a good portion of the fight. Piccolo eventually realizes Frieza slightly holds the upper hand, so Piccolo removes his weighted training clothing and begins winning against the tyrant.

Frieza finds himself backed into a corner, so he decides it is best to transform again to fight Piccolo. Becoming his grotesque, ugly third form, Frieza once again gains the upper hand and begins obliterating Piccolo with a rapid finger beam blast.

dragon ball z trunks kills 17 and 18 dating

Gohan rushes to rescue his mentor, and when Krillin tries to follow suit, Vegeta stops him - revealing to Krillin that he may have a strategy that will allow him to defeat the tyrant. The Ultimate Nightmare Begins! Frieza then decides to transform to his fourth form - the final and most powerful, and also his true form.

Vegeta's plan to defeat Frieza involves having himself mortally wounded and then being healed by Dende - which the Saiyan prince achieves by having Krillin shoot a ki blast through his chest.

Vegeta has concluded that each time a Saiyan is badly injured, his power level will increase substantially after he is healed, and he predicts that recovering from another fatal attack should make him powerful enough to defeat Frieza.

Vegeta lowers his defenses to allow Krillin's attack to succeed, and Krillin proceeds to deliver a devastating blow to Vegeta. What nobody realizes is that Dende has no interest in healing Vegeta; Dende runs from Vegeta and instead heals Piccolo, who eventually convinces him to heal Vegeta as well. Frieza eventually reaches his final form, and immediately kills Dende with his Death Beam technique - having witnessed his healing abilities while transforming; Frieza has realized that this may be the key to defeating the others.

Krillin, Gohan, and Piccolo go on the attack but the tyrant easily dodges every single attack they throw his way.

Vegeta watches them fight from a hill, preparing to charge up to his newfound power level as Gohan finds himself on a direct collision course with another one of Frieza's blasts. Goku Back in Action! While Gohan is grateful, Vegeta tells him he doesn't care about him as a person and only did it as a demonstration of his abilities - now that he has declared himself a Super Saiyan. Future Android 17 also possess some former personality traits of his present counterpart, such as being a rebel-without-a-cause trait only to a destructive degree childish recklessness, and cockiness in battle.

However, he, like his sister, are the same in most ways, aside from malevolent, they are also nonchalant, not swayed by anything that Future Gohan or Future Trunks says, all these traits make him the polar opposite of his present counterpart.

It is implied that 17 and 18's hatred of humanity was programmed into them by Future Dr. Gero before his death at their hands which likely contributed to their sociopathic personalities as it essentially robbed them of their humanity, compassion, and empathy thus Future 17 and his sister are essential victims of Future Dr.

However, their hatred only extends to Future Dr. Gero whom they refuse to serve and despise like their main timeline counterparts and humanity as they are shown to accept Future Android 16 as a comrade in Xenoverse 2 due to him being a fellow Android, though Future 17 tries to convince Future 16 to forget about Future Dr.

Gero's programming to kill Future Gohan and have fun though this is due to him preferring they take their time in dealing with Future Gohan rather than eliminating him quickly. Apparently this programming to hate humanity was never implemented by Dr. Gero into their main timeline counterparts due to him moving on to Android 19 and his own conversion into Android 20 as he only activated 17 and 18 in the main timeline out of desperation.

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Biography Background Future Android 17 in Dr. Gero's lab Future Lapis and Future Lazuli's lives were exactly the same as their main counterparts: Gero kidnapped the siblings and then transformed them into Androids 17 and 18, programming them to hate humans as part of his world domination bid; they rebel against him and the doctor is forced to shut them down, and during this time he is focusing on his ultimate android creationso one day it would absorb them and become a perfect fighting machine.

Gero to kill Goku as part of his plot for revenge. Gero's Laboratory as Gero is working on his "ultimate android". Future Android 17 counters Future Dr. Gero by saying he is the ultimate android while Future Android 18 knocks over some glass.

Gero attempts to use his remote, but Android 17 decapitates him. As Gero's decapitated head says that his "ultimate android creation" will absorb them, Future Android 18 blasts Gero's head. Soon after, coming to the defense of the inhabitants, the Dragon Team challenge the ruthless killing machines.

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The Z Fighters are unable to be wished back to life as the Dragon Balls become permanently unusable due to Future Piccolo's death, which also kills Future Kami. We're talking major points here! During one instance, Future 17 and Future 18 attack Purple City and proceed to cause a swath of destruction to it, including completely obliterating the then-recently restored art district.

Future 17 murders a department store owner, resulting in Future 18 telling him off due to her actually wanting to spare him that time. Eventually, Future 17 begins driving a hovercar recklessly throughout the city, running over various innocents in the process before being instructed to leave by his sister, ditching the car just as it was headed towards a gas station ensuring further destruction.

The Androids' next attack is on an amusement park called Super World. Future Gohan the only surviving Z Fighter from thirteen years ago and now a Super Saiyan and Future Trunks fly over Super World to face the Androids, and Gohan instructs Trunks to stay out of the fight and proceeds to battle Android Gohan as a Super Saiyan seemingly gains the upper hand, and Android 18 is forced to step in and help her brother in battle.

Trunks rushes in only to be quickly defeated by Android However, before she can deliver the finishing attack to Trunks, Android 18 is attacked by Gohan, who saves Trunks and attempts to hide in the ruins of the park.

dragon ball z trunks kills 17 and 18 dating

In an attempt to draw them out of hiding, the androids bomb the entire area. Gohan and Trunks remain hidden, but at the cost of Gohan's left arm, which is blown off in the bombing. Android 17 later reveals manga-only that he did not even use half of his overall power to commit this action. Gohan ambushes the androids and the battle begins. Despite his handicap, Gohan is able to fight off both of the androids for a short time. However, he is soon quickly overwhelmed, and is knocked down into the street.

The androids then proceed to launch a barrage of energy blasts like machine guns from the sky, which kills Gohan. The two fly off, and Trunks awakes when his mentor's life force disappears. Trunks finds Gohan's corpse in a pool of bloody water. The loss of his best friend causes his anger to explode, and he transforms into a Super Saiyan. One day, in a fit of rage, Trunks decides to head off and attempt to defeat the androids who are attacking Bridgetown.

However, upon his arrival, the androids quickly dominate him. They then begin to toy with the young warrior, swatting and kicking him around effortlessly. To finish him off, Android 17 watches as Android 18 prepares a large energy blast which she launches at Trunks. However, he survives, and later uses a Time Machine to head off 20 years into the past to warn Goku and the others of the impending android threat.

Cell Saga Future Android 17 walks away from an explosion "It Kid, that was one mistake you won't live to regret! While the androids are attacking Parsley CityAndroid 17 ends up murdering a boy that Android 18 thought was cute, causing her to become very upset at 17 and not talk to him, and later attempts to kill an old man, the boy's father, after the latter tries to shoot 17 in order to avenge his son. In the Japanese and Kai dubs, as well as the manga, the source of 18's anger is because she lost at a video game.

Future Trunks kicks Future Android 17 in the face, shortly before killing him Before he can kill the man in the anime only, in the manga, he kills the old man just before Trunks arrived Trunks arrives declaring that he is going to cause their end. Android 17 insists on just playing with Trunks instead of killing him, but Android 18 furiously attacks him, only to prove no match for his new found power. Android 17 soon joins the fight, and the two attempt to attack the mighty Super Saiyan.

Trunks effortlessly dodges and blocks both of their hits, and eventually singles out Android 18, who he obliterates with a powerful attack.

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Android 17 remains paralyzed by fear and in disbelief. He is at first completely disbelieving that his sister just died, then his horrified sorrow turns to anger as he vows to make Trunks pay for the deed in Kai and the manga, he asks Trunks how he became so strong without importing that his sister had just been killed.

Trunks, however, asks 17 if the other people they had killed mattered, if their lives had been worth something. Trunks then charges Android 17 and knocks him down with a powerful kick to the jaw. Showing no mercy, Trunks blows the prone 17 to bits with a powerful energy blastkilling the evil android, and ultimately ending the threat of the android twins, and finally avenging Gohan, although there is still one more android to stop: Dragon Ball Super Main article: Both their souls were destroyed when Future Zeno erased the timeline to kill Zamasu.

However, due to Whis warning Future Beerus and Future Whis of the threat posed by Future Zamasu and Future Beerus' death due to the death of Future Shin during the future timeline's Majin Buu conflict, a new Future Timeline is created in which their souls continue to exist though they remain dead as they had already been killed by Future Trunks at that point. Gero 's lab to successfully destroy Future Android 17 and Future Android Other Dragon Ball stories Main article: Together with his sister they manage to overpower Future Trunks as part of Towa's plan to kill Future Trunks, causing his future self, Xeno Trunks to cease to exist creating a massive time distortion.

This puts Xeno Trunks into an ephemeral state where he slowly begins to fade from existence. However Towa appears and reveals to the Future Warrior that she made two changes to Future Trunks' timeline and the Warrior has only managed to fix one, leaving them with little time to fix the other.

dragon ball z trunks kills 17 and 18 dating