Chuck and vanessa still dating

Gossip Girl: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Blair And Chuck’s Relationship

chuck and vanessa still dating

Gossip Girl” star Ed Westwick has dumped co-star and girlfriend LA to beg him to take her back, but sources say Westwick is still deeply hurt. Vanessa Abrams is a fictional character in the Gossip Girl (novel series). She is portrayed by Dan and Vanessa finally get together in the second book, but break up when Dan cheats on her with a writer named Mystery. . Chuck tries to bribe Vanessa into giving her the tape, but she tricks him and takes his money anyway. Ed Westwick and jumpsuit clad Jessica Szohr look to be enjoying their time off from filming Gossip Girl, the CW's most addictive show. The actors were seen.

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As much as people lived for this couple and even strived to be as great as them, some fans simply cannot look past the very toxic reality of their relationship.

Not only were they manipulative of each other, but also physically and emotionally abusive throughout the show. As much as we want to love them, the truth is that they had some pretty awful experiences together. However, as their constant manipulative games and challenges increased, the two soon became drawn to one another. Initially, fans grew to love the couple for their teamwork and support of one another.

chuck and vanessa still dating

Several of their moments together included slapping, shoving, and occasional hair-pulling. Whereas some fans saw this behavior as nothing serious, others recognized the signs of an unhealthy relationship being promoted on TV. This commonality could include a shared interest in music, career, life aspirations, etc. However, the one thing that brought Chuck and Blair together was their mutual love for manipulation.

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The foundation of their relationship together began with their interest in playing mind games and getting their way. Their manipulative games even served to keep their relationship interesting in season 3 when they finally got together. The writers of Gossip Girl decided to take their time to build their feelings for each. This is definitely a smart move to make audiences tune in each week-- except their romantic growth took an entire season.

Granted, we love suspense, but this was too much. Either they were too prideful to be the first to say it or a situation got in the way of the confession. In yet another case of the two not being able to be together, they decide to wager which one of them would bring the best date for the other.

For the annual Snowflake Ball, the two former lovers tried to prove how well they knew each other. The prizes for their victory? Yes, Dorota the housekeeper-- an entire human being.

Though usually portrayed as a confident young woman, she still had moments of doubting her ability to be successful. Her self-esteem took a considerable blow when she failed to get into Yale University, her dream school.

Also, while trying to find her place in life, she also contended with her feelings of inadequacy with her relationship with Chuck. In fact, by season 4, her main motivation to obtain the W Magazine internship included making herself more worthy to be with Chuck. From airing her dirty laundry on Gossip Girl to abandoning her during one of their many grand gestures, he simply cannot seem to do right by her.

When he, yet again, disappointed her at the end of season three, he left for Prague and got shot. Thankfully, Eva Coupeau saved his life. However, instead of returning to his terrible life and broken relationship with Blair, he pretended to be someone else to avoid it. He went by the name Henry Price and completely made up a different backstory just to avoid his screw-ups.

The thought of losing Blair yet again drove Chuck to take some careless chances with his life. In season 5, we see him get into a motorcycle accident that left with not feeling pain. In reality, he was unable to feel any emotional pain because of Blair. You would think he would seek out a doctor or professional help to work out his issues.

Before he took the right path to recovery, he decided to deal with things Fight Club style. With both relationships hanging in the air, she discovered her pregnancy to be false and chose Nate as her partner. The site reported how Blair had been intimate with two different guys in the same week.

After being rejected by Nate for her actions, she returned to Chuck in defeated, only to have him state that he was no longer interested in her. This is how he treats someone he loves. As the years progressed, the reasoning became more unsound and eventually involved false pregnancies, faked identities, and a few princes.

During their first chance to be together back in the season 1 finale, Chuck was at fault for running away. However, Chuck got last minute cold feet and left Blair waiting for him at the helipad. Not only did he appear untrustworthy and underhanded but he seemed too focused on carnal activities as well. Think of the many times he tried to hit on someone or force himself on someone. Where is the loyalty from either of them?

Both characters usually stuck to their beliefs regardless of the negative consequences on themselves or others. We see this deeply ingrained pride when Chuck came face-to-face with losing his fortune. Once she's all dressed up in one of Jenny's designs, Dan tells her that she 'cleans up nice,' before the two proceed to the wedding together. After the ceremony, Nate, burdened by the myriad of problems with his father, tells Vanessa he's not ready to be in a relationship, and the two break up.

chuck and vanessa still dating

Later, Vanessa and Dan's friendship grows as they bond over their break-ups. Season 2[ edit ] Vanessa spends the summer redecorating Rufus's art gallery and turning the extra space into a cafe.

Nate confides in her the financial circumstances of his father's debts and although the two seem interested in each other, Nate is continuously too busy to hang out with her.

Vanessa pushes him away because of this, but he confesses that he does want a relationship with her.

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During a citywide blackout, however, the older woman Nate slept with throughout summer, Catherine, threatens to turn Nate's father into the police if Nate ever leaves her. Vanessa sacrifices her relationship with Nate for the Captain's safety and tells Nate she doesn't want to be with him. Later, Vanessa snaps a photo of Catherine when she sees the older woman making out with her stepson, hoping to use it as blackmail.

She learns the consequences of her meddling, however, when she realizes that telling Catherine's husband of her affairs left Nate as penniless as ever, whereas Blair was going to gain back the Archibald's riches. Nate becomes upset with Vanessa, not because she made him lose the money, but because she never confided in him.

Vanessa helps Jenny convince Rufus to let her do home-schooling. She further displays her charitable side by helping save the Brooklyn Inn from auction and petitioning for landmark status. When Blair refuses to cooperate with the charity, Vanessa blackmails her by using the photo of Catherine and Lord Marcus kissing, which, if exploited, would humiliate Blair.

The Queen of Constance is therefore forced to comply, but conspires with Chuck to destroy Vanessa. The two intend to seduce and humiliate her.

At Lily's housewarming party, Vanessa witnesses the more vulnerable side of Chuck and the two bond briefly. She's embarrassed, however, when she learns it was all Blair's ploy, and turns her back on them both. During Jenny's guerrilla fashion show, Vanessa spots Nate and Jenny kissing.

chuck and vanessa still dating

She feels betrayed by both of them, since she still had feelings for Nate and since she and Jenny were such close friends. In turn, on Thanksgiving, Vanessa hides an important letter from Jenny. This letter was a confession of Nate's feelings for Jenny and his desire to be with her. Not knowing about the letter that was kept from her, Jenny reconciles her friendship with Vanessa. Around Christmastime, Vanessa and Nate repair their relationship, which they try to hide from Jenny.

The blond discovers a picture of them kissing on Gossip Girl, however, and embarrasses Vanessa by giving her a see-through dress, which everyone mocks at the Snowflake Ball.

A teary-eyed Vanessa runs off, leaving Nate to tell Jenny that she's not the girl he thought she was. He chooses Vanessa and the two speed away in a taxi as a brokenhearted Jenny watches from afar. Vanessa tries not to interfere with Serena and Dan's relationship, and instead celebrates her 2-month anniversary with Nate at the opera, where the two happily kiss and mock the other theater-goers.

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When the seniors of Constance Billiard and St. Jude's are forced to put on a play, Nate worries that Vanessa is attracted to the play's director, seeing as the two have so much in common. This leads to a heated argument between Vanessa and him, in which the two fight about their differences and insecurities.

Later, Vanessa goes to Nate's house and they make up, deciding to watch the Age of Innocence together. Vanessa and Nate make plans to travel Europe together over summer break. Nate feels manipulated by his family to intern at the mayor's office and Vanessa worries that he's being controlled by his grandfather.

Eventually, Nate decides he will intern for the mayor, which he announces in a speech. After hearing this, a disappointed Vanessa leaves the party.

She goes over to the Humphreys, where she tells Jenny that her relationship with Nate might in fact be over. A week later, Vanessa and Chuck see Blair and Nate hugging. The two then conspire to tear their friendship apart. Vanessa attempts to make Nate jealous by kissing Chuck at Jenny's party, but when Nate and Blair appear unfazed, Vanessa and Chuck really do sleep together.

In the season finale, Vanessa and Nate catch up and become friends at the Constance-St. A week later, Nate tells her that the mayor hit on him, so he quit his internship.

He and Vanessa reinstate their summer plans to go backpacking through Europe. The three unknowingly get to know Scott Rosson, the lovechild of Lily and Rufus.

Chuck-Vanessa relationship

Afterwards, Dan receives a suspicious phone call from Georgina who tells both Vanessa and Dan that she'll be seeing them at NYU next year. Season 3[ edit ] It's revealed that Vanessa did indeed spend her summer backpacking through Europe with Nate and the two had a fling one night, but remain good friends and nothing more.

When she returns to New York, she gets to know Scott Ronsson, and develops a crush on him. When she discovers that Dan's been living the high life thanks to the van der Woodsens and has been hiding it from her, she fights with him and eventually tells him that despite his wealth, he needs to be himself in order for her to be friends with him.

Scott and Vanessa begin dating and Scott encourages Vanessa to stay friends with Dan. Vanessa and Georgina become friends after Vanessa forgives her for her past behavior, whereas Vanessa and Blair's rivalry deepens. She grows suspicious of Scott and eventually discovers he is not a student at NYU. When she confronts him, he confesses that he's Lily and Rufus' son and she encourages him to tell them. Scott eventually tells Lily and Rufus the truth at their wedding and moves back to Boston, promising to come down and visit the now broken-hearted Vanessa.

Famous actress Olivia Burke becomes Vanessa's new roommate, and the two become immediate friends. Olivia and Dan embark on a relationship, but when they have a threesome with Vanessa, the trio become awkward around each other, resulting in Vanessa and Olivia fighting over Dan. Once Olivia realizes that Dan's true feelings lie with Vanessa, she breaks up with him and moves out of NYU to continue pursuing her acting career. Dan finally confessed his love for Vanessa, who becomes confused and tries to brush off the subject.

Later, however, she admits that she loves him as well and that although she doesn't want to ruin her friendship with him, she wants to explore these feelings, starting with being "friends with benefits". The two finally begin their relationship. Their relationship becomes problematic when Vanessa secretly applies to NYU's program for writers, Tisch, which Dan has also applied for. Despite their competition, Vanessa is chosen by the program and although this causes further issues between the two, Dan eventually expresses pride in Vanessa.

Later, however, their relationship hits another obstacle when Dan discovers that Vanessa has received an offer difficult to reject: When Dan tells Vanessa he knows she's been offered this position, she insists on not going and staying in the city with Dan to work on their relationship.

Dan eventually convinces Vanessa to accept the offer, however, when he informs her that it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thus, Vanessa says a tearful goodbye to Dan and leaves, the couple planning on engaging in a long-distance relationship. In the finale, while Vanessa is still in Haiti, Nate sends her a Gossip Girl blast that includes a picture of Dan and Serena in bed together, implying that Dan has cheated on her.

Season 4[ edit ] Vanessa returns from Haiti to find Dan with Georgina. Suspecting a relationship between the two, Vanessa is shocked to discover that they are raising his son, Milo.