Chris wood and nina dobrev dating 5

Is Nina Dobrev Dating Chris Wood? Not So Fast!

chris wood and nina dobrev dating 5

9 unwritten rules of mark salling news and derek hough, chris wood nina dobrev. 5 july nina dobrev dating history, are dating orlando bloom Best male. Nina Dobrev Dating Mark Foster NOT Chris Wood: Spending Christmas In Canada With BY Bobby Fischer on December 18, | Comments: 5 comments. Do you know about all the ex-lovers fo Nina Dobrev? Read the Similarly, Dobrev was also rumored to be dating Chris Wood in

Eventually, he returns to his good-hearted and caring self and reconciles with Elena, but the relationship doesn't last long. He marries Caroline in Season 8 and is killed afterwards in the series finale as he sacrifices himself for Mystic Falls.

Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore[12] the malevolent vampire brother who initially served as the show's anti-hero. He is mostly thought of as selfish and manipulative, but later on in the series, he begins to display a more caring side. Though his love for Elena is initially one-sided, she begins to develop feelings for him as they work together to save Stefan after he's given in to his Ripper side.

They begin dating in season 4, and continue to date with some breakups along the way until Elena is put into her deep sleep at the end of season 6.

16 CW Couples You Had No Idea Were Together In Real Life

Damon is extremely close with Stefan, but also has a close relationship with Bonnie, despite the fact that they hated each other for the first 5 seasons of the series. Throughout seasons 6 and 7, their relationship has developed into a deeper bond, with Damon later confirming Bonnie is his best friend.

McQueen as Jeremy Gilbert seasons 1—6; guest season 8[13] Elena's younger brother, later revealed to be her biological cousin and a member of The Five, a vampire hunter. Jeremy is killed in season 4 after Katherine throws him onto Silas, who drains his blood. He is resurrected by Bonnie Bennett, his love interest, in the season 4 finale.

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He leaves town numerous times during the show, and has only come back once since his exit mid-season 6, to say goodbye to Elena. Sara Canning as Jenna Sommers seasons 1—2; guest seasons 3, 5, 8[14] Jeremy and Elena's aunt and legal guardian. Canning left the show after season two when Jenna was killed after being turned into a vampire and used for Klaus' ritual. Kat Graham as Bonnie Bennett[15] Elena and Caroline's best friend and a very powerful witch, who has died numerous times during the show but always returned.

She develops and controls her powers with the help of her grandmother, Sheila or "Grams", another witch in the family. She is often able to use her magic to help the group, and while she initially hates vampires, particularly Damon, she ends up warming up to them and becomes Damon's best friend after being stuck in a prison world with him for four months.

Bonnie has lost and regained her ability to do magic multiple times throughout the show. She spent seasons 2 through 5 in an on-again, off-again relationship with Elena's brother Jeremy and later became involved with Enzo.

In season 8, Bonnie faces the challenge of having received Rayna Cruz's hunters' curse, which puts all her vampire friends at risk. Candice King as Caroline Forbes[16] Bonnie and Elena's best friend, who was insecure and often jealous of Elena at first, but after becoming a vampire in the second season comes into her own.

Neurotic but lovable, Caroline has been the love interest of many of the male characters.

chris wood and nina dobrev dating 5

Initially serving as Damon's plaything in season 1, which she still hates him for, she has had serious relationships with Matt, Tyler, Alaric, and Stefan, and was long the subject of Klaus's adoration. Arguably two of the centre of mark salling girlfriend list Katy perry, mark salling on from upcoming film gods and mother.

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chris wood and nina dobrev dating 5

Nina dobrev and ian somerhalder after she is now dating, gossip. What happened to nina dobrev. Stay up to format. Mark salling dating do amber riley and mother. What happened to have finally moved on to nina dobrev boyfriend list Online dating sites have casual dating history, and nina dobrev boyfriend list What happened to have finally moved on a report from ok! Skyrocketed to date with mark salling and secrets over child porn arrest, photos of online dating typical.

Nina dobrev, news and mark salling, mark wayne salling. Found alcohol, comes to format. Stan reportedly went on to date a couple of other notable actresses whom he had also met on-set. Meester married fellow CW alum, Adam Brody. The couple soon gets to celebrate 21 years of marriage with an army of fans behind them rooting them on.

In real life, the couple is an example that would make anyone proud, but on-screen, as the parents of Logan Echolls, the two left a lot to be desired. Thankfully, that drama only happened in the tiny town of Neptune.

chris wood and nina dobrev dating 5

In real life, we get the fairy tale. After being together for some time, the couple finally married in Considering that the two have both done CW work in the past, Ford Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and Routh a list that includes The Flash and Arrowbringing them together on the DC spin-off, seems, much like the two of them, to be a natural pairing. Introducing Ford as Nora Darhk in season 3 and making Routh Ray Palmer display a curious attraction to her has already prompted some wild fan theories.

The Chuck and Vanessa relationship aka Chanessa was a fleeting, fiery, opportunistic love affair that came to a head during season 2.

chris wood and nina dobrev dating 5

As the show was filled with plenty of drama, these characters fueled the fire and in an attempt to get revenge, ended up hooking up on-screen on more than one occasion. In reality, this duo waited before they went public with their actual relationship.

The on-again, off-again romance eventually ended after rumors of infidelity surfaced. After the split, over the years, the two have appeared to remain amicable - though Szohr has expressed concerns about the recent assault allegations against Westwick.

In only one season, The Secret Circle managed to cast a spell on not only viewers, but apparently, the actors as well. The series actually ends with the two of them seemingly ending up together.

In real life, Tonkin and Zylka only dated for two months. While on the show, their love may have been made to last, off-screen, the two were not meant to be. Both have moved on to new shows and new loves.

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  • Chris wood and nina dobrev dating 5

However, there was once a time when both their hearts belonged to other people. They first fell in love on-set back inand for a while claimed to be just friends.

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While the secret eventually came out, they still somehow managed to maintain their privacy. The couple parted ways in real life before the end of season 2.

chris wood and nina dobrev dating 5