Brooke and peyton going fishing dating

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brooke and peyton going fishing dating

Brooke was never going to spend the summer in California with Peyton. Brooke Davis resisted the urge to step forward and wrap her arms around the .. the awkwardness that still lingered around the topic of Lucas dating Peyton. . it was Peyton's turn to open and close her mouth like a fish out of water. plan is crossed; out fishing, Nathan complains to Lucas nothing ever goes perfect in his Brooke greets Pete Wentz from the band Fall Out Boy with a spontaneous kiss, but he's Release Date: Lucas (Brooke) and Nathan conspire to surprise Haley while Peyton receives an Is Mouth ever going to forgive Rachel?. Main · Videos; Brooke and peyton going fishing dating. Now, owe whereas we weaved this vice our friends. if you desire a preaching-related desire whereas.

Since the truth about Dan came out, it was obvious that Lucas' friends and family had done a poor job returning the favor. For them, there were other things to worry about and deal with while Lucas didn't have that luxury. His entire life had changed with his mother's death and for him, there was nothing else to focus on.

Only then he had been frustrated, rather than angry, and unfortunately, that night also brought Nikki into their lives. They were together almost constantly," he pointed out. Or something he told her that might help us figure out where he is now. Mostly because she didn't want to acknowledge that her best friend might know her boyfriend better than she did. The truth was that Peyton prided herself on being closer to Lucas than anyone.

She felt like they had a connection he had never had with anyone else before. Like they were kindred spirits. However, the reality wasn't nearly as sweet for Peyton because there were things that Brooke knew… places, conversations and stories… things that Peyton would never be able to touch. The connection Brooke had with Lucas was one Peyton couldn't possibly understand no matter how hard she tried.

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Immediately after came guilt. It wasn't about the Bermuda triangle from hell. It was about finding and helping Lucas through a difficult time. All by myself anymore. All by myself, don't wanna live. All by myself anymore," Brooke quietly sang. Her voice was little more than a whisper, nearly lost in the room as she rocked back and forth with the Lily gently cradled against her. And love's so distant and obscure.

Those days are gone. She was calm, serene even. Almost as if she knew Peyton had been standing there the whole time. But she doesn't cry either," Brooke admitted. A year before that had been her sitting with a baby in her lap. She missed Jenny and Jake like crazy, more so ever since Lily had been born. It also didn't help that it had been months since they last talked. Ever since she drove out of their lives and back to Tree Hill with the realization that she was in love with Lucas.

Peyton would never take back what happened, but she wished it had happened differently. She hated that in order to be happy, both Jake and Brooke both had to lose out. Mostly because Brooke and Nathan seemed to be on the same page while Peyton wanted to believe they were both wrong. That in actuality, she was the one who knew what Lucas needed. You weren't there… you didn't seem him the way I did," she whispered harshly so as to not disturb the quiet child.

At this point it's anyone's guess what he might do which is why we need to find him. Now," Peyton declared, seemingly forgetting that when he lost his uncle, he retreated into himself then too.

She had even told him that she understood it because she was the same way though now she just couldn't believe that the same rules applied. What she also didn't seem to understand was that Brooke had seen him.

Maybe not that day but she'd seen his grief before. Knew what it looked and sounded like. She was patient and even sympathetic, the exact opposite of her friend. Not so long ago she had learned the hard way and now only wished to save Lucas the frustration and Peyton the hurt. He just needs time.

The idea of just standing there and doing nothing while he tries to pick up the broken pieces of his heart seems almost impossible. But you have no choice," Brooke continued in a faraway voice. She was re-living it all in her mind. The arguments and the frustration… but most of all she remembered the broken boy who cried in her arms when it all finally sunk in.

Lucas had slept with his arms wrapped so tightly around her because he was scared she'd be gone when he woke up. I won't," Peyton lashed out. It hurt to realize that with her experience and all the love she felt for Lucas, she couldn't see passed her own desire to comfort him. More than that, it hurt to realize that Brooke could see passed it. So are you going to help or…" she trailed off and didn't seem to realize that it was no easier for Brooke than it was for her.

Gently setting Lily inside her crib, Brooke stared down at the sweet child while she spoke. Her voice was soft… quiet and a little tired. Lucas hadn't uttered a single word since leaving the cemetery. There was nothing to say, no one to talk to. There was only a loneliness so profound that he almost felt suffocated by it.

By the realization that his parents were all gone and that he'd never again see their faces Loud arguments or soft smiles, it didn't matter to him. He would give everything he owned just to have another minute.

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Another glimpse of their faces, another chance to hear the sound of their voices saying his name. But wishes rarely came true as far as he was concerned and Lucas knew better than to hope for anything more. That was when he saw her. Not his mother, not a ghost or apparition, but another dark haired woman who had come to mean a great deal to him over the course of two years. The light behind her was a soft halo, framing her beautiful features with each click of her heels on the sterile white tile.

Lucas couldn't help but think she was a contradiction as she stepped closer. A somber expression and conservative black clothes on a fallen angel whose hidden smile could charm the last morsel of food from a starving man.

Almost as if he suddenly decided that he no longer had the right to smile. She was pretty hurt," Lucas quietly admitted before shaking his head. Brooke was surprised by his candidness considering that they hadn't really talked about his relationship with the other girl.

She sensed his desire to talk, to get everything off his chest so she listened despite the awkwardness that still lingered around the topic of Lucas dating Peyton. Or something close to it, I guess. She wasn't exactly a peach to be around when she lost her moms… I know she won't hold whatever you said against you," Brooke opined with audible confidence in her voice. Or that she understands how much it hurts," Lucas attempted to explain. That what I'm feeling right now is exactly what she went through with Ellie.

And maybe I'm a heartless bastard for saying it… but I can't help but feel that what I'm going through now is so much worse," he admitted, unashamed. A silent question from blue eyes to hazel. She had time to grieve each mother and I know you can't compare the instances. Your relationship with Karen was unique because it was your own. Just like your grief is your own," Brooke explained.

brooke and peyton going fishing dating

So you don't have to feel guilty for noticing it. Not her usual bright smile that showed off a pair of dimples but a sweet one. The Rivercourt every time you were confused because it was where you came from… what made the most sense and where everything changed after you made that shot over Nathan. It's where I come from. If it would have changed anything or if it would've ended the same way. How she managed to figure out something that he, himself had never put a label on.

brooke and peyton going fishing dating

Then almost instantly after silently asking the question, he realized he shouldn't feel so surprised. Brooke tended to see things that most people over looked. She found telling details where most people just saw an excess of information. A scrub-clad nurse was wandering between the isles with a clipboard in her hand, looking down at each sleeping child before moving on to the next one.

The most prominent one was the anger he spoke of.

brooke and peyton going fishing dating

A sadness and shame that Brooke had never heard before. Listening to him fall apart again nearly broke the already fragile pieces of her heart. His hot tears pressed against her skin as he buried his face in the crook of her neck. Even if I don't understand why it happened, I at least know that much. If you're honest with yourself, deep down… you know it too," she said while her own tears began to cloud her vision.

brooke and peyton going fishing dating

I know you will," she assured and ran her fingers through his hair, soothing. Over and over she whispered soft words in his ear, hoping to calm his defeated sobs. Just have a little faith. A question so broken that she couldn't stop the free falling tears from spilling onto his shoulder. His hand was in hers, Peyton noticed, but as soon as they saw their friends sitting together in the living room, Brooke released him and stepped away. She's in her room now," Haley informed, knowing better than to push.

Maybe heat up some leftover food or… we could watch some TV or talk," she suggested tentatively. As though she expected him to decline or walk away.

Or worse if Peyton's earlier story was anything to go by. Instead of laughing, Lucas could only nod as he realized that no sleep for eighteen years now applied to him too. After Brooke called, informing the group that she found Lucas, the guys decided to go home since only family members remained. Diapers, formula… whatever you can think of," Brooke offered, smiling gently when Lucas turned his blue eyes on her.

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For everything," he said gently. No one looking could have missed the way his eyes momentarily softened as they landed on her. Or the brief look she gave him, acknowledging something unknown to everyone else. In a split second, Peyton felt an irrational, sharp pang of jealousy as Lucas enveloped the brunette in his arms. Initiating a hug with her, while being on the receiving end with everyone else. Opening and closing her mouth, Brooke mentally slapped herself for not realizing sooner that Peyton would want to stay with Lucas at the house.

Though before she could say anything in response, Lucas intervened. I'd rather just be here alone with Lily," he said and because of his words it was Peyton's turn to open and close her mouth like a fish out of water. She had to say something but felt paralyzed by eyes glancing between her and Lucas. So she stayed behind while one by one, their friends all left until only Peyton remained.

I know you want to help but it's like I said this afternoon… the best thing you can do for me right now is to just leave me alone," he explained quietly and felt a twinge of guilt when he saw the hurt reflected on her features.

Words that angered rather than deterred the determined blonde. A boy she used to think she knew as well as she knew herself. Liking her but sneaking around behind her back.

Then dating Anna while pining for someone else Then she stopped being the girl you could turn to and you turned back to me until Brooke was so insecure and hurt by the both of us that she walked away.

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