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Highlife artiste, Bisa Kdei romantically intruded Becca's live TV interview Friday as she announced happily dating. The 'Mansa' crooner placed. Ghana's Leading Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Health, Business, and News website. May 26, Speaking with NANA Hemaa of Abussua Mmbr3, Becca answering Nana Hemaa's on whether she is dating Bisa Kdei, the songstress said.

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Becca opens up on relationship with Bisa Kdei

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If Becca is available i won't mind dating her - Bisa Kdei

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Becca denies Bisa Kdei live on set

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He said they talked of moving to Pakistan, where Dr Khan intended to set up a heart hospital while the Princess planned to work with women s charities. But I was happy I added to the numbers or hits the blogger was looking for. What do online writers take readers for? The man was interviewed on Happy FM. I did not listen to the interview because I do not get to listen to radio all day, so do understand me when I say I am an avid consumer of online news. I found the story interesting. But after reading a number of stories, some sourced to the website, I decided to go to the original source to verify if what I was reading was correct or not.

Attribution, and how it was done, was a challenge for me in most of the stories I read. How the sourcing was done and the right way to attribute from a source, especially dealing with quotes, as if the writers conducted the interview themselves.

Never Dating: Ghanaian singer Becca just placed Bisa Kdei in the 'brother zone'

There were also those who copied the entire story from Happyghana. Pardon me for my cynicism for online news in Ghana. I bet you I am not the only person whose respect for most of them had fallen from to 0. You may ask Sarkodie. I must applaud the entrepreneurial spirit of most of the owners of these sites. It is good, but in information dissemination, credibility is everything. And how does one build a trusted news portal, one that comes with it the professionalism and credibility?

One that does not short-changed readers. One needs not necessarily be trained to do journalistic work. Blogging is journalistic work.