And reggie dating

and reggie dating

Read Dating Reggie Would Include from the story Riverdale Imagines by ellasfood (˗ˏˋellaˎˊ˗) with reads. riverdaleimagines, wattys, tumblr. Jul 24, Prediction #2: Reggie & Veronica Will Hookup Veronica's new man might be someone we already know: Archie's notorious frenemy Reggie. Jun 21, They started dating way back in , shortly after being introduced by Reggie's USC teammate Matt Leinart at the ESPY Awards.

He has expressed horror at the idea of being tied down to one solitary female, saying that, "having one girl is like having one peanut, one potato chip. The fact that she loves Archie makes Reggie jealous, so he spends most of his time trying to outwit Archie, and playing practical jokes on him. Despite the rivalry, he and Archie are generally amicable, and often spend time together pursuing dates or practicing athletics.

In Archie's Double Digestduring the possibility of Archie moving, he eventually admits he would miss Archie, whom he calls his best friend. Their schemes usually backfire as Jughead outwits them.

Other than Veronica, Reggie is romantically interested in Midge Klumpwho is the girlfriend of one of Reggie's athletic teammates, Moose Mason. Reggie's relentless efforts to spend time with Midge without attracting Moose's ire are a running gag.

Reggie and Betty frequently join forces to try and break up Archie and Veronica. In some stories, Reggie and Betty are shown to be a couple, even though their respective interests still lie with Veronica and Archie. It has been hinted that they are thinking about getting married. In the rare occasions when Reggie is genuinely trying to help someone, the others usually believe he has nefarious motives, and are wary of trusting him. Reggie is insanely jealous of anyone else but him being in the spotlight, and will sometimes deliberately cause them trouble to get what he wants.

Reggie is also known to date Cheryl Blossom occasionally. The two have very similar personalities, and at one point, before she dates a boy named George, try going out together. On certain occasions, Reggie shows a kinder side where he will come to the aid of his friends or total strangers, although he prefers to keep these good deeds secret.

In one comic, he has a close childhood friendship with an elderly woman named Mrs. In one storyline, Reggie is shown to have fallen in love with Veronica's cousin, Harper. They have a long distance relationship, so there aren't many times they are shown together. Harper is a disabled author, blogger, and fashion designer with an automated, bedazzled, bright pink wheelchair.

Midge asks him for money so she can pay for an abortion.

and reggie dating

This frustrates and angers him to the point that when he sees Hot Dog on the side of the road he swerves to hit him. He immediately regrets his actions and tries to carry Hot Dog to a vet, failing that, he takes him to Jughead's lawn so that he can die at home. Hot Dog's subsequent reanimation results in him infecting Jughead and starting the zombie apocalypse. Reggie survives with the others on the road, growing increasingly bitter towards Archie for becoming a natural leader and thriving while he is continually wracked with guilt for starting all this horror.

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Archie remains oblivious to this, intending to make Reggie the best man at his wedding to Betty. Reggie eventually goes out hunting with Kevin and tells him how he caused the apocalypse, how he killed Hot Dog, how he fears he might be a sociopath and how he thinks the only way to end the zombie plague is by offering himself up to the horde so they can have their revenge and hopefully stop their rampage.

and reggie dating

He wanders off alone into the woods. Kevin tells the others his story, Archie wants to go after him but Veronica and Betty convince him otherwise.

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Reggie walks into the horde, expecting to be torn limb from limb, but instead they part for him until he reaches the zombified Jughead. The zombified Hot Dog walks forward, and Reggie kneels before it, expecting it to kill him and accepting his fate. But, at that moment a vision of Sabrina Spellman appears before him. She tells him that they will make the zombified Midge whole once again and make her do whatever Reggie wants if Reggie returns to his friend and kills Betty Cooper.

It is not out of the ordinary for Reggie to get in trouble because of his pranks. He is very conceited, and is known to refer to himself as the "great one" on a regular basis.

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Reggie's appearance is very important to him, and he is known to carry a mirror around with him in his pocket. He is a talented athlete, and is mentioned to be the star of many sports teams; including football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey.

Being of sneaky nature, he occasionally tries to win games by using technicalities found in the rule book. He has been called "Rule Book Reggie" because of this. Reggie is very fashion-conscious, often changing his clothes, appearance, or hair to keep in touch with the times. In one story, he is said to be even more concerned about clothing than Veronica LodgeRiverdale's fashion leader. He plays bass guitar in the band The Archiesand naturally thinks he is the most important member.

His quick, though sometimes rude, wit has gotten him through many tough situations. Reggie has a serious side, and is known to be kind and helpful when has to, but tries to keep such instances hidden. Relationships with Other Characters An image of classic Reggie, probably dating from the 's and 50's. Reggie's frenemy is Archie Andrewswhom he always plays pranks on and harasses. He tries to make others believe that he despises Archie and couldn't care less what bad things come his way; but it was revealed in Goodbye Forever part two that although they have their differences, Archie is Reggie's best - albeit only - friend.

Archie is also Reggie's rival for Veronica's affections, making them extremely jealous of each other, depending on who Veronica chooses to date at the time.

Reggie also often pranks Jughead Jonesbelieving he is lazy and dumb, making him a perfect target. However, Reggie often underestimates Jughead's smarts, causing most of his pranks on the latter to backfire.